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Find your soulmate securely with MatchMde’s new multi-level verification system

MatchMde will be introducing version 2 of its dating app that is offering user’s a refined flow, better security and improved matches.

“MatchMde’s user interface and experience (UI/UX) refresh has been in the works; not just the feel and flow but also in the connections users can make. We are focusing a lot on improved matches and will be introducing other in-app services that allow us to help our users connect in new and novel ways,” said Fabian Foo, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MatchMde.

M.I.L.A. (MatchMde Intelligent Love Assistant) uses A.I. powered technology to give you high-quality matches and help build meaningful connections, leading you on the path to your ultimate soulmate.

The company is focusing on security for users on its app with enhanced user safety through the use of its multi-level verification process. They believe that users wants trust and confidence in building a thriving online community of people who want to make authentic and meaningful connections. Its smoother user signup process also incorporates community validation and personality match improvements in which the algorithm will draw more learnings from the improved match and date ratings.

MatchMde also change the colour palette for their app to a cooler, warmer palette after getting research, user feedback and alignment to the direction of the app.

“The world has spent almost two years in lock down and social distancing. It has been hard on everyone, especially relationships. Against this backdrop and how we see the platform moving forward, we wanted a more natural, mellow style and a feel that was warm. MatchMde provides a haven that people will naturally gravitate towards when you think of meeting someone. This is even more so for those who want to meet someone new.

MatchMde is very excited to be able to release its refreshed app this month. Our users can look forward to better experience in their search for meaningful connections in the coming months as we start rolling out our new offerings,” concluded Foo.

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