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Fengdu Novel Launches Li Hu’s New Book ‘King of All Xiang’ Online

SHANGHAI, April 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CooTek (Cayman) Inc. (NYSE: CTK) (“CooTek” or the “Company”), a fast-growing global mobile internet company, today announced that Li Hu (also known as “Heavenly Silkworm Potato”), the popular online literature author, officially published his new fantasy book, King of All Xiang. Fengdu Novel, CooTek’s reading platform for free and original online literature, is the first online literature platform to debut this new book starting from April 10, 2021.

As a master of fantastical online literature, Li Hu has always easily attracted readers’ attention for his novels. The passion, strong emotions and intriguing plots in his novels always resonate with his readers. Li Hu recently revealed some details of the new book, stating: “The style of this book is younger and based more on fantasy. It’s different from Dragon Prince Yuan, which is purely traditional oriental fantasy.” The brief introduction to the new book reveals that readers can expect the same confidence and magnificent storytelling they have come to expect from Li Hu’s previous books: “Between the Heaven and the Earth, there is all Xiang (all elements in the sense of metaphysics). But I, Li Luo, will finally become the King of All Xiang.” Many online literature readers are so excited about this new book before its official debut.

Fengdu Novel has signed cooperation agreements with well-known CPs (content providers) such as Tadu Literature, YY Novel and Ali Literature, among others. This time, the platform has expanded its content ecology by releasing the book King of All Xiang online at the same time the author published it. By releasing this new, in-demand novel so quickly, Fengdu Novel continues wowing its users and meeting readers’ high expectations and demand.

By providing a large amount of high-quality content, Fengdu Novel maintains a group of highly active, loyal and engaged users. In December 2020, the average daily reading time of Fengdu Novel’s users was approximately 130 minutes, which was higher than the industry average.

Online literature is an important source of IP in the content ecology system. For example, Battle Through the Heavens, the book that brought Li Hu initial fame, has become a real hit. Many IP contents have been derived from the novel, including TV series, comics and games, etc.

Fengdu Novel has always discovered and developed high-quality IP derivatives. Currently, the first IP-based short video drama, Proud Wanwan Su, has been launched. Currently, to satisfy users’ needs and accelerate the commercialization of IPs, Fengdu Novel is expanding its e-commerce projects for amusing and attractive derivatives made from high-quality online literature IPs.

King of All Xiang will be another blockbuster following Battle Through the Heavens, Wu Dong Qian Kun, The Great Ruler and Dragon Prince Yuan. These stories are prime examples of the excellent works that readers expect. In the future, CooTek’s Fengdu Novel and other content-based products will continuously bring more high-quality and intriguing content to its users.

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