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Fami Soymilk Of Vinasoy Has Successfully Conquered The China And Japan Market

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, May 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Fami soymilk product line of Vietnam Soymilk Company Vinasoy is officially launched in China and Japan’s supermarkets. This is a remarkable achievement of Vinasoy on the journey to win international markets.

After the success of being sold on the top 4 eCommerce platforms of China in June 2020, Fami soymilk of Vinasoy continues to expand its presence strongly in various supermarkets of China and Japan. This can be considered as a big milestone of Vinasoy on the journey to bring its soymilk to the world.

In China, Fami soymilk has appeared on 11 leading eCommerce platforms including Tmall, Tmall Global, 1688, Taobao, JD, Ping Duo Duo, etc. Fami has also appeared in 14 store systems including 13 supermarket systems and 01convenience store chains systems, with a total number of 420 POS as in modern channel and nearly 300 POS as in traditional channel. Significantly, Fami has been distributed at the Hema Shanghai supermarket system and at the center of the East China area. Hema is the smart supermarket chain operated under a new retail model of Alibaba Group, which is favored by Chinese consumers. Hema is smoothly combined  between of offline and online sales forms, thanks to the application of digital technology, providing many conveniences to consumers.

In Japan, Vinasoy’s products have been mostly distributed to all parts of the country, with nearly 1.000 Asian stores and supermarkets in 45 out of 47 provinces.

The export of healthy nutritional products made from selected and non-GMO pure Vietnamese soybeans to China and Japan in the midst of the pandemic is hoping to promptly provide consumers with an additional healthy plant-based nutritional supplement.

The new packaging and a new formula of Fami soymilk products to suit the tastes of consumers in the Chinese market.


Fami soymilk at Hema supermarket. Hema supermarket chain currently has more than 150 stores in big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, etc.


Fami products at Taizhou Lianshang supermarket in Zhe Jiang province, China

China and Japan are known as one of the world leaders in soymilk consumption volume; thus, the fact that Vinasoy has successfully entered these two major markets proves the great efforts of the Board of Management of the number 1 soymilk market share in Vietnam. Vinasoy has been very careful and serious in finding solutions to export to big markets, from market research in terms of taste, price, distribution preferences, and communication strategy. At the same time, Vinasoy also focuses on product quality, ensuring stability and meeting international standards. Especially, there are products exclusively made following each local’s preferences. 

Vinasoy’s products at Viet supermarket in Japan.

By successfully expanding foreign markets, Vinasoy has proved its No.1 position as a specialist in soybean nutrition in Vietnam. The company is having full potentials to supply soymilk not only for domestic but also to the world market, with China and Japan first, then the USA, Korea, Middle East, and Asia in the future. With the right strategy in penetrating foreign markets while focusing on building and developing local sustainable soybean source, Vinasoy has been striving to maintain growth and its leading position in Vietnam with a market share of over 80%, and remain one of the top soymilk producers in the world for many consecutive years, being close to the goal of becoming the leading plant nutritionist in Asia. 

Exporting to foreign markets is one of the important steps to maintain sustainable development, to build Vinasoy’s brand and image to a more professional and more prestigious global level. This is also an encouraging step for Vietnamese dairy companies on their own journeys to bring healthy and pure Vietnamese nutritional products to consumers worldwide. 

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