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Experience it!: Samsung The Frame 65 inch 4K TV

Over the years, TVs has been a rectangular box and its main duty is to display your contents. Even the current smart TVs, they are more or less similar to each other. Samsung knows about that and created a lifestyle TV collection that sets apart from the competition. Meet the 2020 Samsung The Frame TV series.

Before reading on, I would recommend to check out the video above to watch some of the features of The Frame. Once you’re done, we will continue with the article.

Let’s start off with the design of The Frame TV. It’s simplistic and minimalistic design might not be eye-catching. However, with the moniker “The Frame”, you can add an additional customizable “frame” accessory on the sides, top and bottom to make it looked like a picture frame. With the “frame” attached, it does looked much interesting especially when hanging on the wall or standing on its own. The customizable “frame” accessory will stick sturdily to the TV via strong magnets.

The remote control for The Frame is also comes in a simplistic and minimalistic design. It is really compact and easy to use. One feature on the remote I found that’s really useful is the built-in mic for voice assistant. You can use it for Bixby, Smasung’s Voice Assistant and when you’re too lazy to type on the search bar. Just hold the “mic button” and speak up, it will pop the words out. Although sometime it might not capture accurately all the time, which is expected due to my slang, but I’m okay with the results.

Now to the TV, it is using a 4K LED panel with built-in-speakers which is quite good for watching movies and series. You can do manual settings on the display and audio to suit your taste. Though, one issue I have to highlight is the LED panel is not really bright. In my video, I didn’t even adjust the brightness settings and to my surprise it was maxed out. Some might be okay with it but I prefer to a panel that can be brighter so I can increased it when dark scenes occurred during shows or gaming.

I’m still deciding which streaming service I want to watch…

Out of the box, The Frame is using Samsung’s propriety software, Tizen, and it does feel very smooth to navigate around. It has Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO GO, Apple TV and YouTube app installed for you to stream your favourite programs. In my opinion, the streaming services included is sufficient for Malaysian users. With Tizen, The Frame comes with Bixby as your voice assistant. Bixby is kind off hit or missed and I still prefer Google Assistant but because it runs on Tizen, it might be tough to get it worked.

But the main star of The Frame is actually displaying pictures on the display via Samsung Art Store or your Samsung devices. With Samsung Art Store, users can purchase or pay monthly subscription for artworks. As Samsung is working together with many museums around the world, you’ll definitely find an artwork that suits your taste. To activate the picture display, just tap the power button once on the remote.

As for the ports, you will not find any of them on the back of the TV because you will need to hook the One Connect box. The One Connect box is an all-in-one box that houses all your input ports. It consists with all the necessary ports:

  • 1 x Power
  • 1 x Service
  • 1 x Antenna IN
  • 1 x AV IN / Component IN
  • 1 x Digital Audio OUT (Optical) Port
  • 1 x Ethernet Port
  • 3 x HDMI IN & 1 x HDMI IN (ARC)
  • 1 x One Connect Port
  • 1 x USB 2.0 0.5A Ports
  • 1 x USB 2.0 5V HDD Port

Overall, The Frame is The Frame still performed very well with some minor setback like the max brightness and Bixby. While I applauded Samsung for the boldness creating a lifestyle TV like The Frame, I have a question for Samsung. Why don’t bring the Art Store and customisable “frame” features to the rest of Samsung TV line up but instead keeping it exclusively on The Frame series? I believe it will be a major hit if the features is available for the rest of Samsung’s TV line up to experience it. Perhaps, just a suggestion, Samsung should focus on a gaming TV or a do-it-all TV for their lifestyle TV instead of making a TV’s main feature is displaying artwork.

Nonetheless, Samsung The Frame 65 inch 4K TV get a 7 out of 10 for my ratings. I would only recommend to put this on your consideration if you’re looking for 65 inch and above TVs. The RRP for the 65 inch in Malaysia is RM 10,990, you can get it today at Samsung website and authorised stores.

*This review was made possible by Samsung Malaysia for loaning The Frame for 2 weeks. However, this is not a paid content hence Samsung does not have any input nor approval upon uploading the article and video. All the comments on the product is solely based on the writer’s experience with the product and services.

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