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Experience It: Samsung Galaxy Buds2 – Similar performance and feature like Buds Pro but cheaper

Apart from launching their latest foldables and smartwatch, Samsung also released their latest wireless earbuds, the Galaxy Buds2. The Buds2 has a nearly identical, if not inspiration, looks and feature like its predecessor, the Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Buds Pro. But, does the Buds2 able to perform similar like its predecessor, we will find out in the Experience It article. Let’s learn more at below:

Design – Light, glossy and minimalistic

Starting off with the design, the Galaxy Buds2 is a very light wireless earbuds thanks to a compact design. Also, it is very convenient to wear for those who planned to take it for a workout as well. The colour for my review unit is Lavender and it has a glossy surface. Not really my liking as I prefer for a matte finish, but I’m nitpicking here. Overall, the earbuds’ design is very minimalistic and the colours help the Bud2 to be eye-catching.

Meanwhile for the charging case, I found it to be very similar to the Buds Pro and Buds Live charging case design. However, what it lacks is colours as Buds2’s charging case is only offered in white colour. If you feel white is too bland then you can get a casing for it.

The quality on the Buds2 and its charging case is top notch as you can feel the sturdiness and slight premium feel when using it.

Audio – Good audio experience but you need to fine tune it in the setting to suit your liking

In the audio department, the Galaxy Buds2 can deliver good audio experience. Out of the box, the audio is set to Normal as default on the Equaliser, but this selection lacks some bass effect. For my testing, I went for the Dynamic settings as it provides a much adequate bass for my liking. The audio is quite loud as well as I rarely going pass the 50% volume, . However, once you passed 50% volume, it still feels very clear and you pretty sure enjoy EDM, rock, R&B and many more tracks.

While the audio is good but when compared to the Buds Pro, the Buds Pro definitely sounds more punchier and louder. But you have to remember that, Buds2 has a much affordable pricing while delivering same features with the Buds Pro.

Ear Fitting – Just nice with effortlessly

Thanks to the small and compact size, wearing the Buds2 on your ear is effortlessly. No discomfort when wearing them for long hours as well. However, make sure the ear tips size is tight for you so it won’t fall off.

Touch sensor – Sensitive but sometime, you might get the hit and miss experience

During my 2 weeks of testing, I use the touch settings for Buds2 to skip or rewind tracks. The touch sensor can be occasional hit and miss at times as your fingers really need to hit accurately on the middle part. A little bit off, you might have to touch again. The touch sensor is quite sensitive as well. I had experience accidental touch registered when removing my mask before.

ANC – Does eliminate some background noise, but some low noise still can be heard like conversation

The Buds2 also comes with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) which works with a certain degree. For normal background noise, it does eliminate the sound. However, there are times I’m still able to listen to some low noise of nearby people’s conversation especially when I’m dining in or walking to the noisy morning market. This test is done with ANC turned on without any audio playing.

The ANC works best when there is an audio playing along as it totally gives you a “space” to focus on your task, workout or entertainment. However, I have to stressed that not to use ANC when your walking around the street as you might not hear incoming vehicles.

Ambient sound – Still bring one of the best Ambient sound like the Buds Pro

As a Galaxy Buds Pro user, I find that it has one of the best Ambient sound and I’m happy to say that Buds2 also can deliver the same experience. The Ambient sound, like Buds Pro, offers user to adjust the volume to listen louder for the background noise. You definitely can use the Ambient sound to listen to people talking around, cars passing behind you and many more.

For those who has hearing difficulties, the Buds2 is certainly an affordable wireless earbuds to help them to listen much clearer and louder.

Battery Life – Average battery life

Samsung did noted on the Buds2 packaging that it has 5-20 hours (20 hours is with charging case) of playtime. In the real world, if you’re toggling between ANC and Ambient Sound, you can definitely feel Buds 2 to last lesser than the 5 hours of usage recommended time. Also, the battery life can be affected with your volume and settings so your mileage of usage will be varied.

Buds2 can be charged via USB Type-C port and wireless charging. Charging speed via cable is fast while the wireless charging just an alternate method for to charge if you’re happened to forgot to charge or bring the charger.

Final verdict – Perfect for mobile users who needs a reliable and good quality wireless earbuds

So, the Galaxy Buds2 will cost you RM499 in Malaysia and you can choose four colours: Lavender, Graphite, Olive and White. The Buds2 is definitely providing a near identical performance to its sibling, the Buds Pro, albeit with an affordable price. You’re getting ANC, Ambient mode, and good audio experience with it. You also can make phone calls with it. While I might nitpicked on the white charging case, average battery life and average ANC performance, I still highly recommend you to shortlist it if you’re a mobile users (Android or iOS) who needs a reliable and good quality wireless earbuds.

Special shout out thanks to Samsung Malaysia for providing a review unit for content purposes. However, this is not a paid content and no creative input or final approval is required by Samsung. The review is done within 2 weeks of usage hence future software update may provide a slight/major difference experience later.

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