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Experience it: Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

So when Samsung Malaysia offered me to experience the Galaxy Buds Pro, I totally agreed to it. This is because as a Galaxy Buds Live user, I wanted to feel what Samsung has improved in its latest iteration on the Buds series. So, did the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro managed to impressed me with the latest updates and features? Let’s find out!

Let’s start off with the design. The Buds Pro looks more like the previous Buds+ and lesser on Buds Live and I’m fully agreed with this decision. The design allows user to wear on the ear much natural and comfortable compared to the Buds Live. The wireless earbuds also has IPx7 rating (except the case) so you can wear them when you want to workout. The case somehow still carries the same design from Buds Live’s case which is great because it feels compact and easy to carry.

As for audio quality, the Buds Pro produced a much louder and proper bass. Throughout my usage, I barely go over 50% volume and I can still enjoy music at 10-15% volume at outdoor (with ANC turned on). You still can tune the audio at the Equaliser to suit your liking via Galaxy Wearable app but I found Normal is good enough out of the box. The bass produced on normal mode together with Dolby Atmos turned on is good enough for any music genre and binge watching videos on YouTube or Netflix.

There is a gaming mode that reduce latency but at the moment the feature is still in beta stage. Buds Pro also support Dolby Atmos. So if your phone supports it, I suggest to turn on because the audio experience is even more immersive when listening to video and music. The Bluetooth connection is constantly stable though you can noticed a little latency occurred when watching video.

The mic on the Buds Pro works well and captured my voice perfectly. You can definitely use it for video conference and even use them with your Galaxy S21 video recording (via Pro Mode) to do vlogging or content creation.

The Buds Pro is an active noise cancellation (ANC) wireless earbuds. The ANC is definitely a step above if you’re upgrading from Buds Live. You can set High or Low for the ANC level with Galaxy Wearable app. The difference between High and Low is the pressure build up in your eardrums so definitely go for Low if you feel any uneasiness (though I don’t feel anything unusual). During my usage time, I noticed the ANC could cancelled up to 70-80% background noise. I wouldn’t say it’s the best or perfect ANC tech but it’s definitely one of the top ANC wireless earbuds you can get today.

Completely blocking background noise is quite dangerous when you’re at outdoor. Thus, Samsung has included Ambient sound on the Buds Pro. Ambient sound will amplify background noise to be heard while you are listening to music or podcast. There is an option to increase the volume for ambient sound via Hearing Enhancement section which really helps you to listen to incoming vehicles or someone is calling you. I highly recommend to turn on this function when you’re at outdoor.

Ambient sound also works when Buds Pro detects user is speaking. The voice detection will allow Ambient sound to kick in for 10 seconds and lowering the audio that is playing from any app. During my experience, I noticed voice detection will take a second or two to activate and random cough also could trigger it. So take note on that.

Battery life is quite good too. I had Noise Cancellation, Ambient mode and Voice detect turned on with 40% volume, I could run it around for 4 hours. Quite impressive as I turned on the Noise Cancellation and Ambient Sound. The case with fully charged can recharged the Buds Pro when it is inside which allowing it stay active for 18 hours of usage(depending on your settings). Even if you don’t have a cable or charger, the case can be charged via wirelessly too. You can check the battery status via Galaxy Wearable app.

There is tap feature on the Buds Pro. However, you have to make sure to tap at the center accurately. Slightly tap to the edge, the Buds Pro will not detect anything. Buds Pro also offers touch and hold feature that allows user to either change the volume, activate Bixby, turn on Spotify and switching ANC and Ambient sound. Touch and hold feature works great as it always respond within 2 seconds of touching it.

There are other features like Bixby voice wake-up, seamless earbuds connection and 360 audio. I don’t really use Bixby so I wished Samsung could update it to let users to use Google Assistant instead. 360 audio is quite gimmicky and I don’t think many users will use it oftenly. The seamless earbuds connection is turned on default and offers immediate connection once the case is opened. It’s really convenient and once the earbuds is on your ear, you are ready to drop the bass.

There is so many pros than cons with the Galaxy Buds Pro. You get great audio quality, good ANC, stable connection and IPx7 rating thus you really don’t noticed any weakness on the wireless earbuds. I will give it a solid 9 out 10 rating and highly recommend if you’re planning to upgrade or still looking for one. One final word to Samsung, though, when are you going to release an over-the-ear wireless ANC headphones?

You can get the Galaxy Buds Pro at RM799 in Malaysia now via Samsung Authorised Partners and Samsung Malaysia site.

*The Galaxy Buds Pro was provided by Samsung Malaysia for review purposes. This is not a paid review hence there is no final approval required from Samsung. All the above-mentioned and comment is solely based on the writer’s usage experience within 2 weeks.

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