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Experience It: Samsung Galaxy A12

If you want to purchase a budget smartphone today, I will always asked this question, “Could you live without certain features and performance on your smartphone?”. If you could, then Samsung Galaxy A12 might be your next purchase. However, if you’re still don’t have an exact answer to my question, then let’s find out more about the Galaxy A12.

Before I would go on to explained on the Galaxy A12 experience, please do note my sample unit spec is 3GB RAM with 32GB internal storage. However, there is only one variant for Galaxy A12 spec in Malaysia: 6GB RAM with 128GB internal storage. Hence, the article experience and performance might varied when compared to the 6GB RAM version. Do check out the video review as well!

Let’s quickly go over the internals of the Galaxy A12. The device is powered by Mediatek Helio P35 which performs quite good for light multitask. However, because my review unit comes with 3GB RAM, I noticed on certain applications will require some time to load it up and occasionally laggy response. In my own opinion, the 6GB RAM version will definitely benefit in multitasking activity and speed up the loading. If you’re a light mobile gamer, this device is certainly up to task for some COD Mobile or Asphalt 9 although you have to set the graphics to low. Battery life on this device will last the whole day thanks to the 5,000mAh battery. It also supports 15W fast charging.

I will say this though, the Galaxy A12 design will not flattered anyone. The back of the device features a polycarbonate (aka plastic) cover with line textures that help users to grip the phone properly. There is only two colour options for the A12, so it’s either blue or black. On the front, it has a 6.5-inch tear drop display (which Samsung calls it Infinity-V Display) which output 720p.

The display has some quite thick bezels especially for the bottom area. Display quality is good for binge watching YouTube videos (and surprisingly you still can select 1080p) but it lacks the vivid colours produced by AMOLED screen. The screen also run on standard refresh rate (60hz) only.

Audio setup on the Galaxy A12 is a mono bottom firing speaker. The speaker sound is loud enough but doesn’t have the bass and can be quite bland at times. Though, Samsung does allows users to adjust the sound equaliser which located in the settings. One surprising thing on this device is the inclusion of 3.5mm headphone jack, so users can opt for a wired or wireless earbuds to enhance their audio consumption.

For the camera, starting with the rear, a quad camera setup is comprised of 48 MP(f/2.0) main camera, 5 MP(f/2.2) 123˚ ultrawide lens, 2 MP macro lens, and 2 MP depth sensor. Daylight photos is good on the main but the ultrawide lens tends to produced soft and little bit of noise (depending on the lighting). However, for low light photography, only the main camera can produced acceptable quality to share at your social media as the ultrawide lens produces a lot of noises. The 2MP macro lens produces quality mediocre at best but it’s quite fun to use if you love to take close-up photo on an object. One thing I do noticed when taking photos, the image processing occasionally can take quite a while.

The 8 MP selfie camera can produce good photos if you can get a good lighting. So, I don’t really advise to use the selfie during low light situation. Oh yeah, one more thing, the front and rear camera doesn’t have any night mode so I would advise to avoid taking photos during low light or dark situation. If you have to, turn on the flash to improved the image quality.

Video recording is maxed out at 1080p 30fps for front and rear camera and you can’t switch lens while recording. On bright lit area, video quality for the front and rear camera is surprisingly not bad. However, I can’t say the same for low light video recording as only the main camera’s low light video recording looks acceptable for social media upload. The ultrawide and selfie camera produce noise and soft effects when recording video at low light conditions.

The device also has other notable features like fingerprint sensor on the power button, Face unlock (2D), OneUI 2.5, Android 10, USB Type-C, NFC and Dolby Atmos (only works for wired and wireless audio earphones).

To be honest, the Galaxy A12 can cover most of the user’s necessity if you can looked away on certain sacrifices made on the device so it can be sold at RM799. Therefore, the Galaxy A12 (3GB RAM) will get a 6 out 10 rating because it’s still a solid device if you don’t mind certain features and performance being cut out. However, the Galaxy A12 is facing stiff competition as other rival brands are offering slightly lower priced for the same performance. Though, I would suggest to look around for ongoing deals and promotion for Galaxy A12 if you’re interested to pick up one today.

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