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Experience It: Hisense Portable Air Conditioner AP09KVG (Portable AC9K) & AP12NXG (Portable AC12K)

AP12NXG (Portable AC12K)

As you may know, Malaysia is a hot climate country for most of the year. Hence, it is no surprised that most Malaysians home has aircond in their home. However, as most airconds are static, it is mostly used to chill at one area/room. To solve this issue, brands have created the portable air conditioner so users can move it around to chill other parts of their home.

Meanwhile, Hisense has their various Air Conditioner series in Malaysia which includes the Portable Air Conditioner series.

Fortunately, Hisense Malaysia was kind enough to loan two units of their Portable Air Conditioner series, AP09KVG (Portable AC9K) & AP12NXG (Portable AC12K), for the Experience It content so let’s start exploring both model. You can also watch both portable aircond in action on the video above as well.

To start things off, I really need to tell future buyers for both model to take note that both models requires exhaust hose installation on sliding window. If you’re still living in a traditional style like me, I suggest you try to look for a portable air conditioner unit that don’t require any exhaust hose installation.

One good news why you should consider the Hisense Portable Air Conditioner AP09KVG (Portable AC9K) & AP12NXG (Portable AC12K) is the use of R32 refrigerant. Short answer, R32 refrigerant is supposed to help the environment better with lesser heat but if you really need know more then head to Google to find out more.

Both models are really similar in terms of specifications and features. Below are the features for both models:

  • Unit Control Type: Electronic
  • Fan Control: Button
  • Thermostat Control: Button
  • Display: LED
  • Sleep Mode (on the controller)
  • Dry Mode (Auto Speed Only)
  • Water Full Indicator
  • Auto Cool (Auto Fan in Cooling) (on the controller)
  • Smart Mode (Remote Access) (on the controller)
  • Rapid Cool (Jet) Mode (Lowest Temp. & High Speed) – remote only
  • Fan Only – 3 Speed (Portable AC12K), 2 Speed (Portable AC9K)
  • Timer (24Hr On/Off)
  • Clock (on the controller)
  • Air Swing (Motorized – Upward & Downward) – Only Portable AC12K
  • Auto-Restart
  • Fahrenheit to Celsius Function
  • Single Duct Vent System

There are times if you put them side by side, you’ve might be having a hard time to find any difference. However, the AP09KVG (Portable AC9K) only has manual Air Swing and 2 Speed fan when compared to AP12NXG (Portable AC12K) which has Auto Air Swing and 3 Speed fan. You can learn more about Portable AC9K by clicking here and Portable AC12K by clicking here.

I’m not kidding with the similarities as the controller for both models are same as well but you can’t switch them as the Portable AC9K doesn’t support Auto Swing features.

For cooling performance, both models actually perform very similar to each other even though the specs number indicates the Portable AC12K should be perform better. Nonetheless, expect the Portable AC12K to chill the area quicker for bigger room space. Even the noise from both model is very similar although the Portable AC9K can reach to a low 48dB as marketed. Please watch the video above to listen to the sound emitting from both models.

Another good thing to highlight is both model is very easy to do simple maintenance. Pretty much straight forward as you just required to remove the plastic and cover.

Overall, both model actually received a solid 7.5 out of 10 score because both model is almost near identical in terms of specs and features. The Portable AC9K is actually priced at RM1,399 while the Portable AC12K is priced at RM1,999. I would suggest to get the Portable AC9K if you’re planning to saved up and don’t mind missing out on some features and better specs. Also, I only recommend it to readers that has sliding window in their home as the both unit requires an exhaust hose installation. For sure, you can put them in your consider list if you think both models performance is acceptable for your needs. You can get Hisense Portable Air Conditioner series in Malaysia today at Hisense authorised outlet and ecommerce site.

*Special thanks to Hisense Malaysia for loaning the review unit for content purposes. However, this is not a paid content thus no final approval nor creative input is needed from Hisense. Hisense is reading together with the public for the article write-up. The review is based on 3 weeks of experience.

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