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EcoFlow finally lands in Malaysia with launch of three portable power stations series

EcoFlow has finally make an appearance into the Malaysia market by recently launching three portable power stations series model including the RIVER 2 Series, DELTA 2 Series and Solar Series.

Below are the pricing and availability for the EcoFlow products:

RIVER 2 SeriesPricingAvailability
RIVER 2RM1,399

Online Open Sales:3rd March, 2023
Lazada [EcoFlow Store]Shopee [EcoFlow Malaysia Official Store]

Offline Open Sales:4th March, 2023
Available at Lau Distribution, RC Paragon Universal, Montanic Adventure Store, AI Home and more. Find the lists of authorised store (here)* with SM link and selected. 
RIVER 2 MaxRM2,399
RIVER 2 ProRM2,999
DELTA SeriesPricing
DELTA 2RM4,999
DELTA MaxRM8,999
DELTA ProRM16,999
Solar SeriesPricing
110W Portable Solar PanelRM1,199
160W Portable Solar PanelRM1,599
220W Bifacial Portable Solar PanelRM2,399
400W Portable Solar PanelRM3,999
  • EcoFlow Trade In Program
    • “Power Up. Never Been This Easy.”
    • Trade in your RIVER 2 to get RM840 rebates for your next EcoFlow upgrades.
    • The instant savings on next purchase with the EcoFlow Trade In Program only available at the EcoFlow Direct HQ Official Store at PANGU SDN. BHD. @ Plaza Arkadia.
    • Within 1-year from the date of purchase.
    • Terms and conditions apply.

You can learn more about the EcoFlow products at below.


X-Stream Technology

EcoFlow’s patented X-Stream technology delivers one of the fastest recharging rates on the market. Using a built-in smart inverter, EcoFlow portable power stations can recharge from 0-80% in as quickly as 1 hour and to full within 2 hours.

X-Boost Technology

EcoFlow’s X-Boost technology lets you power devices that have higher rated power than your portable power station.

This unique technology delivers power for your essential devices in any situation. We recommend conducting a test with your devices with X-Boost turned on.

Battery Management System

The EcoFlow Battery Management System takes innovation to the next level, extending the performance, efficiency, and shelf life of EcoFlow products. This technology utilises intelligent algorithms to regulate battery health and efficiency.

EcoFlow RIVER 2 Series

The RIVER 2 series, an affordable 3-product line of best-in-class entry-level portable power stations under 1kWh. Charging to 80% in just 48 minutes and with an ultra-long lifetime, the series provides the most cost-effective power in its category and provides a reliable energy source for on-the-go lifestyles and emergency home backup. Comprising 3 models – RIVER 2, RIVER 2 Max and RIVER 2 Pro – the series features advanced LFP batteries and weighs as little as 7.7lbs (3.5kg), making grab-and-go power easier and safer than ever before. With prices starting at just RM1,399 and a product lifetime six times the industry average, the RIVER 2 series delivers a new level of long-term value in the portable power station market and ensures as many people as possible can access the very latest in sustainable energy innovation.

“The launch of the RIVER 2 series underlines EcoFlow’s commitment to meaningful innovation that solves real-life problems,” said Bruce Wang, CEO of EcoFlow. “With an uncertain economic and environmental outlook, we want to make clean, portable energy accessible to everyone, everywhere. The EcoFlow RIVER 2 series makes this possible, offering practical, flexible and affordable energy solutions for adventures in the great outdoors or during power outages at home.”

Grab-and-Go Power for Life’s Unplanned Moments

Featuring EcoFlow’s innovative X-STREAM technology, the RIVER 2 series recharges on average 5 times faster than comparable products on the market. The standard RIVER 2 model can recharge from 0-80% in just 48 minutes, with even the highest capacity model, RIVER 2 Pro, fully recharging in just 70 minutes. As a result, users can power spontaneous day trips and get-togethers, even when plans are made at the last minute.

Alternatively, the RIVER 2 series can be charged via solar power to provide users with an easy way to achieve a greener lifestyle using energy that is completely free. Supporting a maximum solar input of 220W, the RIVER 2 series can be fully recharged in as little as 3 hours using EcoFlow’s Portable Solar Panels.

Reliable Energy Provides Long-Term Peace of Mind

All 3 models of the RIVER 2 series are equipped with state-of-the-art, long-lasting LiFePO4 (LFP) batteries. Compared to an industry average of 500 cycles, the RIVER 2 series achieves 6x greater longevity, performing 3,000 cycles in one lifetime, and allowing once daily use for almost 10 years. LFP batteries provide a safer and more reliable output and can endure more extreme temperatures, enabling RIVER 2 to be used in difficult weather conditions. 

Economical Energy from Day One and Beyond

Reflecting EcoFlow’s desire to make eco-friendly energy solutions easier to access than ever before, the RIVER 2 series is priced up to 34% cheaper than its predecessor. For the standard RIVER 2 to RM1,399 for the 768Wh RIVER 2 Pro model, the series provides an entry-level solution at an affordable initial price. In the long-term, the series’ fast recharging speeds and ultra-long product lifetime eliminates the need for regular replacement, making the RIVER 2 series the most cost-effective range of portable power stations under 1kWh on the market.

EcoFlow DELTA 2 

A powerful 1800W AC output makes the DELTA 2 an ideal backup solution in times of soaring energy costs and growing power supply insecurity. However, the DELTA 2 Portable Power Station is much more than just a battery. Possessing the capability to be recharged to 80% in just 50 minutes, supporting charging via solar panels and capable of running 90% of all accessories, the DELTA 2 makes users feel at home whether they are camping outdoors or living off-grid in RVs and cabins.

A recharging speed seven times faster than the industry average, an up to 3KWh of expandable capacity, and a powerful output mean the DELTA 2 is an essential, modern-day appliance for all families. Whether used at home, outdoors or on the go, the DELTA 2 sets a new benchmark in eco-friendly power solutions.

Expandable Capacity Across a Wide-Ranging Ecosystem

While boasting a large 1024Wh capacity, the EcoFlow DELTA 2 also benefits from an expandable capacity design for boosted performance. The DELTA 2 can also be combined with a DELTA 2 Extra Battery or DELTA Max Extra Battery, providing an impressive 2048Wh or 3040Wh of energy. The resulting long run-time offers users a flexible option for on-demand energy, whether for everyday use or as an emergency power supply.

In addition to its compatibility with extra batteries, DELTA 2 functions across EcoFlow’s existing product ecosystem which comprehensively addresses power generation, storage, and usage. Comprising solar panels, the Wave Portable Air Conditioner, the Smart Generator and many other products and accessories, the EcoFlow ecosystem seamlessly integrates with the DELTA 2 to free users from the restrictions of fixed power supplies.

Best-In-Class Recharging Speeds

The DELTA 2’s revolutionary X-Stream technology allows for an unbeatable new standard in fast charging. The DELTA 2 can charge from 0-80% in just 50 minutes, with a full charge achievable in just 80 minutes. Seven times faster than the industry average, DELTA 2’s industry-leading recharging speed allows flexibility for everything from sudden emergencies to last-minute camping trips.

Ideal for adventures in the great outdoors, DELTA 2 can also be charged using EcoFlow Portable Solar Panels. Supporting a maximum 500W solar input, the DELTA 2 can be fully recharged in three to six hours, providing a sustainable power supply in outdoor and off-grid scenarios.

Safe Power Supply for 90% of Appliances

The DELTA 2’s powerful 1800W AC output allows it to run 90% of all appliances including heaters, hair dryers, coffee makers, and electric grills. Whether used as a backup supply or to boost outdoor expeditions, the DELTA 2’s fifteen outlets deliver a new level of energy freedom, simultaneously powering everything from fridges to phones and washing machines to drones. For high-wattage appliances, the DELTA 2 provides users with peace of mind via EcoFlow’s X-Boost technology, supplying an output of up to 2200W.

Industry-Leading Lifetime

Utilising the same premium LFP batteries as deployed in Tesla vehicles, the DELTA 2 boasts a lifetime six times as long as the industry average of 500 cycles. As a result, with the potential for an incredible 3,000 cycles over its lifetime, users can power their lives with the DELTA 2 for up to ten years.

With an advanced BMS (Battery Management System) protection system monitoring performance to ensure power is delivered safely, as well as an exclusive five-year guarantee, the DELTA 2 delivers long-lasting energy security unlike any other portable power station on the market.

EcoFlow DELTA Max

Upgrading its current product lineup, EcoFlow saw the need for a battery with greater capacity given the increase in power outages and consumers therefore looking for more self-reliant energy solutions. In 2019, EcoFlow first launched the EcoFlow DELTA on Kickstarter, which quickly became a fan-favourite because of its charging speed and large capacity. Two years later, the company introduced two all-around upgrades to the EcoFlow DELTA series line – the EcoFlow DELTA Max and the beefier DELTA Pro at 3.6kWh, for those with even greater power needs.

“We saw great reception to the EcoFlow DELTA series, and our customers said they wanted even more power from their batteries,” said Thomas Chan, R&D Director at EcoFlow. “The EcoFlow DELTA Max takes resiliency to another level. It can truly provide backup power for an entire home and mitigate the impact of power outages.”

High capacity with expandable design

The EcoFlow DELTA Max has a capacity of 2016Wh, which can support a family’s emergency use needs (four lights, a fan, a router, a laptop, a fridge, and charging of smartphones) for half a day. When connected with two DELTA Max Smart Extra Batteries, the capacity can go up to 6048Wh, which enables a family to comfortably survive a two-day blackout. 

Designed for more than home backup power, the EcoFlow DELTA Max at its peak capacity can also support an RV’s energy use (an average RV uses 20kWh electricity per day) for more than seven hours.

Fast charging that leads the industry

Even with an upgraded capacity compared to the EcoFlow DELTA (from 1260Wh to 2016Wh), the EcoFlow DELTA Max requires the same amount of time to be fully recharged – less than two hours. The EcoFlow DELTA Max can be charged at 1800W through standard AC outlets. The battery also supports dual charging — charging with an AC outlet and two 400W Solar Panels simultaneously, which levels up the charging input to a 2600W. This input enables the EcoFlow DELTA Max and a Smart Extra Battery to be fully recharged from 0% to 100% in 2.3 hours, which is two times faster compared to similar products on the market.

Powers 99% of appliances

With a 2400W AC output, the EcoFlow DELTA Max can power 99% appliances, including electric kettles, air conditioners, space heaters, steam irons, and electric clothes dryers. With EcoFlow’s patented X-Boost technology, the EcoFlow DELTA Max can even power some 3400W devices, leading all competitors with the same capacity level.

Additional upgrades for the EcoFlow DELTA Max include more efficient solar charging, enhanced ability to control and monitor the device via the EcoFlow App, and the battery exterior is designed for more reliability and durability.

EcoFlow DELTA Pro

With a base capacity of 3.6kWh expandable to 25kWh, the DELTA Pro is the industry’s first portable home battery, and the company’s first attempt to provide multiple days’ worth of backup energy for families. The DELTA Pro can fully recharge in under two hours and is the industry’s first battery to harness multiple power sources. The full ecosystem has enough power – on just one charge – to meet an average family’s emergency power usage for about one week.

Fastest Charging in the Industry

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro is not only the world’s fastest charging power station, but also the first portable battery that supports EV charging and the first to harness multiple power sources – the grid, solar, wind, and gas.

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro supports 3000W charging via EV charging, the EcoFlow smart home panel, or a 240V outlet. Moreover, the input can be boosted to 6000W when charging the EcoFlow DELTA Pro connected to a Smart Extra Battery with the addition of solar and smart generator charging, enabling the EcoFlow DELTA Pro to be fully recharged in two hours.

As the first battery to support EV charging, it can be fully recharged in 1.8 hours by any of the 35,000 Level 2 AC EV charging stations across the US, freeing EVers from low-battery anxiety.

Powers (Nearly) Everything

With a huge 3600W AC output, which is expandable up to 7200W by connecting two DELTA Pro units with the Double-Voltage Hub, the DELTA Pro can power heavy-duty devices like refrigerators and air conditioners — even up to 240V.

In the event of a prolonged blackout, the average family consumes approximately 3.68kWh/day of emergency electricity to power electronics like lights, a fan, internet router, laptops and smartphones, and a refrigerator. With just one charge’s worth of the full EcoFlow DELTA Pro ecosystem, a family can power this device configuration for about seven days.

EcoFlow Solar Series

Power your everyday appliances at home and off-grid with sustainable solar energy.

110W Portable Solar Panel

Powerfully ​portable

With an industry-leading up to 23% conversion rate, it’s far lighter and approx. 10% smaller than similar portable solar panels on the market. That means a faster, easier charge wherever you are.


Take it camping, on a road trip or in your backyard with a case that doubles as a stand. Unzip and prop up your panel at just the right angle to ensure maximum solar coverage.

Waterproof and durable

Designed to withstand your adventurous lifestyle, this panel is IP68 certified. That means we dunked it underwater for 72hrs in lab conditions. Just to make sure*. Built with a high-strength composite, it can take a beating too. That’s an all-weather ready panel designed to stand the test of time.

160W Portable Solar Panel

Lightweight and Foldable

So lightweight and easy to transport, EcoFlow’s portable solar panels are a camping-trip must-have, keeping you powered up for longer.

Long-lasting Materials

The materials that used are strong enough to weather a storm. An IP67 waterproof membrane protects solar cells from dust, debris, and rain. On the ground while you camp. On the roof of your home. And even on top of your RV for solar charging on the move. What’s more, our 400W portable solar panels have an additional layer of fibreglass, protecting the cells from bending and damage.

220W Bifacial Portable Solar Panel

More energy with a two in one bifacial design

EcoFlow’s 220W Bifacial Portable Solar Panel is two in one. With a 220W primary side, and a 155W side on the back for ambient light, you can capture up to 25% more solar energy and charge your portable power station even faster.

Waterproof and built to last

We have raised the bar with this panel. It’s completely water and dust-tight. Rain, wind or shine, your panel is safe with an IP68 waterproof rating. The thin, one-piece tempered glass design makes it five times tougher than comparable panels with half the thickness of traditional tempered glass. Capable of withstanding heat up to 300°F, it’s safe to say it can resist the elements.

Powerfully portable

It’s a portable solar panel designed from the ground up to be compact. 10% smaller than comparable 220W panels, it saves space with thinner tempered glass, and less surface area required for the same input.

400W Bifacial Portable Solar Panel

High Solar Output

A single portable solar panel with a unique folding design, our 400W portable solar panel combines powerful energy production with portability. To achieve a higher solar conversion efficiency of up to 23%, we use multi busbar monocrystalline cells, so you get even more energy to recharge your portable power station.

An Integrated, Self-supporting Stand

EcoFlow’s 400W portable solar panel comes complete with a protective case that doubles as a sturdy supporting stand. Simply set up your panel anywhere and conveniently adjust its angle to get the most sun possible.

Balancing Portability With Protection

Made from durable and flexible materials, the portable solar panel is perfect for off-grid living and travel. Its multi-layered design offers high impact resistance for the rugged outdoors, while its 27.5 lb light-weight means effortless carrying to a campsite. A rigid layer embedded in the carry case protects the panel from overbending when you carry or store it.

IP68 Waterproof

Our 400W portable solar panel can carry on collecting energy even during a downpour. With a protective ETFE film and a high IP resistance level of 68, the solar cells can withstand environments from humid and wet to dry and dusty.

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