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Eason Chan (陳奕迅) releases new album “CHIN UP!” on 27 Oct 2023

Eason Chan (陳奕迅) is releasing a brand new album titled “CHIN UP!” on 27 October 2023, which consists of 8 songs. The idea to put together this collection comes from hearing people say “Keep Your Chin Up” when he was studying in the UK. A simple encouragement which is powerful yet comforting at the same time. You really can get through it all no matter how hard it may be, just keep your chin up.

CHIN UP ! is the message behind the FEAR AND DREAMS concert

CHIN UP! offers the perfect solution for the theme of the FEAR AND DREAMS concert. Whatever lies ahead could be a bright and beautiful future only if you look up but if you look down, it could be filled with scary uncertainties. Seeing it from a different perspective, the same road ahead could be a paradise or a land of horror. So CHIN UP and look straight ahead. Not too high though and definitely no staring down. Keep your vision in check without being too greedy nor too humble. Never underestimate yourself. CHIN UP lets you stay put between your dreams and fear.

The album is designed by the artist Michael Lau who is known as the “Hong Kong Godfather of Figure”.

With a playful boy doing chin ups on a pull up bar, he wants to show how happy and fearless he can be by keeping his chin up. Eason specifically asked to work with Terence Lam to produce these 8 songs in the collection. All songs are composed by Terence Lam. Part of the music arrangement is by Ronghao Li.

The songs are laid out step by step as a journey growing up. Yet it is filled with lessons in life with opposing outcomes.

Lightly – See what really matters (《塵大師》看輕重)
With all that weight on the shoulder in life, the Lightly helps you to pick baggage which really matter. We used to overlook important moments as a child. As we get older, we turn to picking at small things. Did we somehow lose touch or perhaps we could never tell the difference in the first place?

Homo Sapiens – See who you and I are (《人啊人》看你我)
Growing up feeling lost, Homo Sapiens makes you realize you are not alone from within. Can “I” be who I want to be or is it decided by someone else? The more you get to know, the more distant it feels. The more familiar you become, the more out of touch you are.

Hold On A Sec – See who is the fastest (《焦焦焦》看緩急)
In this daily humdrum world we try to get ahead. Hold On A Sec keeps you in line for your turn. Pausing is part of the game. Resting is not to go farther but to go far, you ought to rest.

Don’t Mind Me – See who is outnumbered (《社交恐懼癌》看眾寡)
Being somewhat successful but stubborn, Don’t Mind Me teaches you to stay true to yourself among a world of differences. If you must follow suit, how can you be a wanderer?

Something Missing – See what to give or take (《空城記》看取捨)
When paranoia takes charge, Something Missing determines who the winner is. It also makes you learn to live with it. What is gone must first be there. What is missed must first be gone.

The Search – See who comes and goes (《是但求其愛》看進退)
Taking action to replace someone with whoever next in line, The Search shows you a coin has two sides. Sometimes it just turns out the other way. Going forward does not necessarily mean progress while falling behind does not always stand for setback either.

The Code – See who is there for real (《盲婚啞嫁》看虛實)
Looking and searching endlessly as if there is really a purpose. The Code may seem like everything is all set out like a script, you can still choose to act it out your way. The lines are written on paper, they only come to life when the play is on.

A Dance for Tomorrow – See what comes in the end (《致明日的舞》 看始終)
The final chapter is A Dance for Tomorrow. Is it telling what is the truth or what only seems so? Is it the beginning of a better chapter or is history repeating itself? A new start or is it just a restart?

The collection takes you through dreams and fear. You might keep looping one particular track or play the album over and over again from start to end. No matter at any time and with what going on, never let your double chin show. Chin up and go for it!

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