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EasierHike Alpha Pillow announces its official launch on Indiegogo

The highly anticipated neck pillow is here with new designs to be unlocked.

SINGAPORE, April 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — EasierHike® has officially launched its latest travel product, Alpha Pillow—the one-breath inflated neck pillow on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Customers are able to choose from 5 classic colors, including grey, green, purple, blue and orange. Also, EasierHike announced its stretch goals with two other special printings of the pillow to be unlocked.

EasierHike® Alpha Pillow - Not Just For Travel

EasierHike® Alpha Pillow – Not Just For Travel

“We are so excited about the launch of the Alpha Pillow on Indiegogo since we have contributed our efforts to it, from ideation to the final production,” Tyler, the CEO of EasierHike said, “We tried our best to perfect every detail of Alpha Pillow because we want our customers to find out that it is different and is much better.”

During the pre-campaign period, Alpha Pillow has already witnessed a top rank of pre-launching product in the category of Travel & Outdoors. Alpha Pillow is expected to raise funds of $5,000. The unit price of Alpha pillow is lower than most products on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform, and the special discounts of up to 64% off are only available on Indiegogo. The campaign will be lasting for 1 month.

“No matter where you are, you deserve the most comfortable relaxing experience, and comfort should be easy. That’s how EasierHike Alpha Pillow was born.” Chen Ting, the designer of Alpha Pillow said that the pillow is more than a compact neck pillow, but also one that is safe and multifunctional.

Alpha Pillow is adaptive in different usage scenarios according to its multi-functional design. Its basic function served as a neck pillow provides comfort and a sense of safety for users. The patented slim design of the back neck position alleviates pain caused by pressure.

Chen emphasizes that besides the function as a neck pillow, another feature of Alpha Pillow is that it can support a phone holder, which is designed for traveler’s entertainment needs during their journeys. “It can free your hands when you try to watch a movie via your mobile phone on a train or an airplane,” said Chen.

The pillow also considers office workers’ needs. It is designed to be a desk pillow as well. Users can place it on the desk and squeeze the longer arm of the pillow downwards against their chests. The air buffering of the inflatable pillow enables users to have a restful nap.

Having received numerous messages about the high expectation of having new designs of Alpha Pillow, EasierHike has unveiled its stretch goals for the crowdfunding campaign. In order to appreciate their customers, EasierHike launches two sophisticatedly designed printings which are to be unlocked until the stretch goals are reached. When the funding goal is over $1,000USD, the Flora edition will be launched with 200 packs available. When the goal is reaching $5,000USD, the Doodle edition will be unlocked with 200 packs available as well. The Alpha Pillow campaign takes supports on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform since April 14th.

About EasierHike

EasierHike® was established in 2019, advocating the brand concept of “making travel easier” and is committed to improving lightweight and simple outdoor products. The company believes that outdoor sports equipment should be environmentally friendly, comfortable, and fashionable. All products undergo a rigorous product testing process with continuous improvements and enhancements being made in response to customers’ feedback and advice.

The campaign can be backed on Indiegogo with discounts up to 64% off: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/easierhike-alpha-pillow-not-just-for-travel/

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