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Dragon Nest 2: Evolution officially goes live on 20 July with events and rewards

Level Infinite’s Dragon Nest 2: Evolution has recently went live on 20 July 2023, which can be access at all region via Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Huawei App Gallery, Samsung Galaxy Store, and One Store.

The game title is available as follows:
Apple Store:
Google Play:
Huawei App Gallery:
Samsung Galaxy Store:

As part of the celebrations, Japanese musical group Tsukuyomi has released the theme song of Dragon Nest 2: Evolution, If I Knew It Was A Dream, to commemorate the big day, blending both the English and Japanese languages for a unique listening experience.

“This song expresses the anticipation and trepidation of journeying to an undiscovered world, as well as the immense joy upon making the first steps. It’s a song full of passion and sadness, representing the fact that although reality can be tough, we still forge forward with dreams and hope, just like players in Dragon Nest 2: Evolution,” shared Yurry Canon of Tsukuyomi.

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Key Features

As an IP with a glorious legacy, Dragon Nest 2: Evolution has been designed and optimized specifically for mobile players, and is accessible to both veteran fans and casual beginners.

  • Pick from four unique classes and team up against powerful bosses, utilizing interesting skills for synergistic action!
  • The lovely world of Altea is once again under threat, as Serpentra the Sea Dragon rises from the past to kick off The Grand Dragon Hunt!
  • No fear of being left behind, with a player-driven economy allowing all to play how you want, when you want.
  • An expansive world full of adventure and lovable companions, take some time off and enjoy what Altea has to offer!

The Reign of Serpentra Begins!

The official launch of the MMORPG also means the beginning of The Grand Dragon Hunt, starting with the villainous Sea Dragon, Serpentra.
Players may have gotten an earlier tease of how the mode functioned in the lead up to launch, but the full event is on a much larger scale. Players can undertake daily quests and achievement hunts to prepare themselves, teaming up with like-minded allies, and compete against all other players in a full server competition for honor and glory of their represented countries.

As each dragon falls, higher-ranking players and teams can look forward to glorious rewards and incentives for their hard work and effort.

Building a New Legacy

As an IP with a glorious history, Dragon Nest 2: Evolution has been designed and optimized specifically for mobile players, and is accessible to both veteran fans and casual beginners.

Pick from four unique classes and engage in intense combat, delve into dangerous dungeons for some excitement, and experience a charming, lively world with fellow adventurers and companions, the lovely world of Altea is now yours to explore!

To help players start their adventures right, launch incentives in Dragon Nest 2: Evolution include: Login and daily sign-in rewards (up to eight days)

Level-specific gift packages to reward character progression

Valuable resources and treasure chest rewards for completing specific stages Wait no longer, everyone is waiting for you in Dragon Nest 2: Evolution! Download now and embark on your own exciting adventure!

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