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DokeV took every gamer by surprised and here’s all you need to know

DokeV has recently dropped its gameplay trailer at gamescom 2021 and it blew a lot of gamers mind away. But then, the questions are flooding in for this game, “What is DokeV all about and where are they from ?”. Some research on the game has revealed some details so let’s find out more at below.

This game is produced by Pearl Abyss, a South Korean game studio

The first thing I check about DokeV is who really made them. Apparently, it was developed by Pearl Abyss, a South Korean game studio. Some of you may have heard about the studio because they are responsible for Black Desert and Shadow Arena. The game studio has other games but those are in development so it will be next time to focus them. You should head over here to learn more about Pearl Abyss.

MMO or Open World? When did this started? What is it about?

Basically, this game was first introduced and released its first trailer in 2019 (you can check the YouTube clip here). Initially, the game was introduced as a MMO game but after the gamescom 2021 trailer released, the company has rectified it that now DokeV will be a Open World Action Adventure in a Twitter post.

According to the game producers, DokeV was inspired by Ghostbusters and largely inspired creatures from Korean folklore, Dokebi. The game was focused for family playing together and infusing Korean culture. The game will require players to travel the open world and collecting Dokebi to combat the bosses. There is also events and hints around the open world to collect Dokebi. The combat system uses real time action.

The game is listed for PC and consoles at the moment and is still in development hence you noticed in the trailer the gameplay has some lag. We’ll have to wait for Pearl Abyss’ next official announcement for the official release date.

What’s that music playing in the trailer? Can I get a wallpaper for this game?

If you watched the latest DokeV trailer, you noticed the K-pop style music playing and it might be playing in your head right now. The song is called “Rockstar – Tak Remix” which is written by GALACTIKA and sing by Luena. Pearl Abyss has confirmed to purchase the song’s right and currently allowing gamers to download it at their site. You can get the original song as well but the song is not streaming at any music streaming service at the moment.

The site is also giving fans to download official wallpaper, logo and trailer stills via the DokeV Fan Kit. Go get it today.

I would have to say DokeV certainly has made me interested to play it. The game concept is fantastic despite some are calling it Pokemon- or GTA-style inspired, it delivers the interest to the mass market wanting to play it right now. For now, me and the rest of the gamers can only wait in anticipation as the game has really vague information and pretty much in development stage. Nonetheless, good job by Pearl Abyss, you made me want to play DokeV and enjoying “Rockstar” track for a long time.

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