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Digi Postpaid Start: Enjoy uncapped high-speed internet for all usages

Digi announced its newly enhanced Digi Postpaid Start, enabling Digi Postpaid 38 and 58 customers to enjoy uncapped high-speed internet connectivity with upgraded data quotas, and built-in savings with daily and loyalty data bonuses. This product provides a compelling start for customers looking for an affordable base postpaid plan, with savings and data quota built-in to meet their usage needs today and for the future. 

Digi’s Head of Postpaid, Benjamin Tan said enhancements to Digi Postpaid Start are introduced based on consistent growth of customer data usage patterns over the year. “Our customers are, for example, streaming more content today than a year ago, and we expect these trends to continue for the long-term. From these insights, we have curated Digi Postpaid Start to help customers unlock more data daily and over time with the loyalty bonuses, this is in addition to data quota upgrades for their base internet allocations. Our uncapped internet experience also allows customers to use the data in any way they choose, for all apps all day. Combined, these factors provide customers a worry-free internet experience with savings for the long-term.”

Bigger savings built-in with daily and loyalty bonuses for a worry-free internet experience 

With the newly introduced Internet Bonus 365, all Digi Postpaid Start customers will get free data every day throughout their tenure with Digi. With free monthly data of 7.5GB (250MB daily) and 15GB (500MB daily) for Digi Postpaid 38 and Digi Postpaid 58 respectively, customers will already be rewarded with more data to meet their growing needs. Internet Bonus 365 is also applicable to the Digi Postpaid 80 plan.

Besides meeting daily data needs, Digi also addresses customers’ future needs via the Digi Loyalty Bonus. A tenure-based reward, the loyalty bonus will see eligible customers receive additional monthly quota every 6 months on top of their base internet allocation. Capped at 4 times and up to 2 years tenure, the Loyalty Bonus is a lifetime reward for customers who stay on the same plan or upgrade to a higher plan.

Internet add-ons have also become more affordable, with a new bite-size pass now available at RM1 for 1GB.  Accessible via MyDigi app or UMB, these bite-sized add-ons make it easy for customers who want smaller data quotas for use within a specific time frame.

Internet done right with uncapped high-speed internet for all apps, and upgraded data quotas for all plans 

In addition to the new enhancements made to Digi Postpaid Start, Digi Postpaid 80, 120, 160 and 190 customers can now enjoy total monthly base Internet quota at 40GB, 60GB, 80GB and 100GB respectively. Moreover, customers who sign up for Digi’s PhoneFreedom 365 device instalment programme will also receive 2x more data quota in addition to attractive device discounts.

Customers can use this data to enjoy uncapped high-speed internet experience for all types of apps and usages all day. Without speed caps, customers can enjoy the latest technologies, which usually requires higher bandwidths, such as watching a 4K UHD or virtual reality livestreams on their smartphones for example.   

With these enhancements, how much data quota does an eligible customer enjoy in a month?

Let’s take a Digi Postpaid 58 customer who has been with Digi for about 7 months for example:

Digi Postpaid 58 RM58/month with 15GB of Base Internet Quota
Length of TenureCustomers enjoy…Total Data Quota
1st – 6th month15GB + 15GB Internet Bonus 36530GB
7th – 12th month15GB + 15GB Internet Bonus 365 + 5GB Loyalty Bonus35GB
13th – 18th month15GB + 15GB Internet Bonus 365 + 10GB Loyalty Bonus40GB
19th – 24th month15GB + 15GB Internet Bonus 365 + 15GB Loyalty Bonus45GB
25th month thereafter15GB + 15GB Internet Bonus 365 + 20GB Loyalty Bonus50GB

The Internet Bonus 365 for Digi Postpaid Start and quota upgrades for Digi Postpaid Plans will automatically be granted to customers by 21 August 2020.

For more information on these enhanced Digi Postpaid Plans, visit www.digi.com.my/shop/postpaid-plans.

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