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Dell shows off latest Concept Nyx with new controller concept and game-changing enhancements

After making its first debut at last year, Dell has once again showcase their newly improved Concept Nyx for this year by explore how to make gaming libraries more accessible than ever. Let’s learn more at below.

Concept Nyx Game Controller

The first thing Dell has done to improve the Concept Nyx is creating the Concept Nyx Game Controller. The prototype controller offers personalised settings and content just at a user’s fingertips. A clever fingerprint reader could get the player into Guild Wars 2 in an instant, and stream to any other devices or screens by pointing the controller at them and pulling the trigger. There is even a voice command function as an alternative option. 

The controller also included haptics and self-adjusting variable resistance thumb sticks for immersive game play. This allows the thumb sticks and X-triggers offers gamers rich sensory feedback. To cater PC gamers, the team at Dell has included shift buttons to allow for more front button options, innovative scroll wheels for easy navigation and weapon cycling, plus an intelligent touchpad for instant access to customisable controls – all of which would make it easier to stay out of the settings menu and stay in the game.

Apart from that, the prototype controller is paired with fully customisable intelligent on-screen controls and overlays to show the button mapping so gamers can keep up with the different gaming controls across different games.

Gaming, Entertainment or Productivity? Why not all?

As most gamers would get PC or console for either gaming, entertainment or productivity, Concept Nyx’s built-in Wi-Fi connection will allow everyone in the household could easily multitask and view messaging apps, emails, movies or games on intuitive split-screens. What’s even better – connect one (or a couple of) wireless headsets and game on half of the screen while the other half is used to watch a movie – or better yet, play two games.

There is also an improved and simplified the Concept Nyx dashboard so that users could easily see what their friends are playing and access games quickly. Dell is experimenting with new shared experiences which could bring families and friends closer together, giving people the flexibility to game with and around others in the same room. For families, Dell developed some innovative parental tools and dashboards that would allow parents to observe, participate and interact with their children. 

AI solutions for hybrid life

As some gamers are constantly juggling between work and gaming, Dell is going to continue exploring ways AI could help seamlessly transition between tasks and spaces.

For now, Concept Nyx is still in the prototype phase and has yet to be launch for the market. We will continue to update the latest news on Concept Nyx.

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