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CSP Global Announces Breakthrough in CyberSecurity, Launches LifeCycle, Asia’s First Master Managed Services Provider

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, April 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CSP Global Technologies (CSP Global) announces the launch of LifeCycle, Asia’s first Master Managed Service Provider (MMSP), a fully integrated, hassle-free standardised service-based cybersecurity solution for government institutions and enterprises.

LifeCycle's key team with CSP Global Founder/CEO Mr. Tho Kit Hoong. From left: Alvyern Lee, Tho Kit Hoong, Rizal Lokman, Vivian Wong, Ibrahim Sukaimi and Nur Atiqah

LifeCycle’s key team with CSP Global Founder/CEO Mr. Tho Kit Hoong. From left: Alvyern Lee, Tho Kit Hoong, Rizal Lokman, Vivian Wong, Ibrahim Sukaimi and Nur Atiqah

According to a Microsoft report, cyber-security threats cost Malaysian organisations MYR49.15B in economic losses leading to 61% of job losses in 2017. This figure is much higher globally, with predicted economic costs of up to USD 6 trillion in 2021.

To protect against the threat of cyber-attacks, more businesses are outsourcing to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to gain access to IT experts, cost savings, compliance, risk mitigation and most importantly, innovative technologies.

Relinquishing oversight of crucial IT systems to external providers comes with risks too. Issues with delayed responses, outdated security software, inability to scale with a business, outages, lack of remediation strategies, transparency and constant up-selling are frequent concerns that LifeCycle aims to tackle.

LifeCycle MMSP Protects and Transforms Businesses

By shifting from an on-demand and expert outsourcing model, LifeCycle’s master management services model allows Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to provide a holistic and managed security solution.

For end-users, the benefit is the ability to switch from an outdated expenditure model (CapEx) to an operating expenditure model (OpEx) with a fixed yearly fee. Resulting in regained oversight and control of essential IT security functions while allowing businesses to focus on growth with lesser risks.

As an MMSP, LifeCycle future-proofs operations by evolving with the industry and as needs and threats change, bringing maximum value to the entire supply chain.

“The cost of cybersecurity attacks is growing daily. And attackers do not discriminate. Whether your business is big or small, it needs to be protected. Until now, government institutions and enterprises lacked a comprehensive solution to these issues and were forced into an outdated CapEx model characterised by unexpected costs and constant security threats. LifeCycle ends this problem,” said Tho Kit Hoong, Founder and CEO, CSP Global.

LifeCycle’s Managed Service Features

Lifecycle’s dashboard launches with seven critical managed services for government institutions and enterprises covering:

  • Managed Antivirus Services 
  • Advanced Persistent Threat Services
  • Network Access Control Services
  • Data Loss Prevention Services
  • Email Security Services
  • Patch Management Services
  • IT Asset Management Services

The service components include daily diagnosis checks and real-time alerts with countermeasure responses, policy monitoring and reconfiguration, bi-weekly and monthly reports and latest security threats advisory. All this can be easily done and tracked within a special-built dashboard.

LifeCycle is available for reselling and white-labelling under LifeCycle’s service-level agreement (SLA) by selected MSP partners.

For enquiries, please contact lifecycle@cspglobal.com.

About CSP Global Technologies

Established in 2008, CSP Global Technologies (CSP Global) is a Tech Solution Advisory, Distribution, and Master Managed Services Provider for ICT cyber protection needs. With a consecutive eight-year track record of winning McAfee’s Distributor of the Year honours, CSP Global is an industry leader prioritising cyber needs efficiently. Website: www.cspglobal.com

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