Coway Malaysia launches latest Eco Lite Series Mattress that offers comfort, quality and affordability

Coway Malaysia has recently launched its latest Eco Lite Series Mattress that is affordable yet highly comfortable, in a bid to help stressed-out young Malaysians drift off into dreamland effortlessly. This mattress is all young working adults and those on a budget.

The Eco Lite Series Mattress features cooling ticking, head-to-toe single zone pocket springs and a changeable topper for better sleep hygiene. It comes in either the King or Queen sizes on top of a light blue body. Designed to be aesthetically pleasing with a minimalist concept that speaks to the younger crowd, its light blue fabric bed frame not only fits the current design trends but will also easily match any décor in the bedroom.

The mattress is made of 100% natural latex that is medium firm with a foam topper, providing incredible multi-layer support and minimising movement disturbance on the bed. With Malaysia’s humid weather, you can say goodbye to sweaty nights as Coway’s innovative cooling ticking has been designed to provide a cooling sleep surface, you can snuggle up for a restful night! 

With Coway’s affordable Eco Lite Series Mattress, get a luxurious night’s sleep on a top-notch quality mattress from only RM109/month with Coway’s mattress easy payment plan.

Coway’s routine Mattress Care Service is performed by its very own professional Homecare Technicians once every four months, using the latest hi-tech equipment to clean and care for the mattress. It is cleaned following a 7-Step Mattress Care Service that includes dust level measuring, frame cleaning, frame wiping, side edge cleaning, mattress cleaning, dust mite repellent and UV sterilisation. 

To experience a peaceful night’s sleep unlike any other, visit www.coway.com.my now to learn more about the Eco Lite Series Mattress.

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