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ColorOS 12 new feature offers smart customisation to suit your daily usage

As most Android smartphones are ready to ushered into Android 12, OPPO has recently released the ColorOS 12 for its device to try out. Ranging from the new Always On Display 2.0 to GPA 2.0, the new ColorOS 12 is ready to deliver new features to enhance OPPO user’s experience on their device.

So, let’s find out more about the features on the new ColorOS 12 with the OPPO Find X3 Pro.

Always On Display 2.0 – get more fun and fancy animation for AOD

As you may know that most Always on Display (AOD) features on current smartphone line-up will only comes with pre-loaded options. For ColorOS 12, OPPO has introduced the Always On Display 2.0 (AOD 2.0) to bring more customization for user to enhance their style. The AOD 2.0 allows OPPO users to set the display options, personalised graphic option, and text colour option.

The new AOD 2.0 is pretty much straightforward to use as you can go to each section and select and even choose whether to turn on and off the AOD display for time, date, Battery and Notifications. For those who love to customize their AOD graphic effect would definitely love with the AOD 2.0 as even offers to make custom patterns, text, text and image and portrait silhouette.

Magnification feature – Zoom in on the content on your screen and see more clearly and confidently

For those who’re worried about contents displayed on the screen is too small, ColorOS 12 offers Magnification feature to allow users to zoom in on the screen and see contents more clearly. OPPO users need to head to Settings > Accessibility > Display > Magnification to activate it. From there, users are given three options to activate the Magnification feature: Accessibility Button, Hold both volume buttons for 3 seconds and Triple Tap to turn on the feature.

Once activated, there will be two option to magnify: pop-up window button and whole screen magnification. The pop-up window magnification can be move around and allows user to pinch zoom for users who required even more magnification.

Battery Dashboard – Learn more details about your battery consumption

The new Battery Dashboard for ColorOS 12 has a new visual and graph to show the battery consumption life for your OPPO device.

With the details, you can learn your battery consumption and adjust your battery setting to let you last longer on your busy day.

One Tap Power Saving – Customize your battery consumption settings with one tap

ColorOS 12 also introduced a really convenient feature to optimized your battery consumption called One Tap Power Saving. By heading to Settings > Battery > Save Power, you are greeted with a list of options to select to turn off which features to save battery power on your OPPO device.

For example, it can tells you that if you turned off the GPS or fast refresh rate, you will be noted on the added time for your battery life. All you need to do is one tap on the list of options and you can make your OPPO device last longer if you’re planning to be away for a long period of time.

Flexdrop – More than just a floating window

If you’re really like to multitask, you’ll be glad to hear the Flexdrop feature in ColorOS 12. Flexdrop is a smart floating window that allows you to hide, enlarge and close.

To hide your floating window on the ColorOS 12, you just need to drag the floating window to the left or right edge of the display and it will properly hide away on the side becoming a side button ready to pop out whenever you need the app back.

3-finger translation – An instant way to get your translations

If you’re always required translation tools for the contents on your device, ColorOS 12 offers users a quick way to get things translated with 3-finger translation. With this feature, OPPO users just required to hold down their 3 finger on the screen and slowly scroll down to the part that requires translation. After selected, you just have to click on the translate on the middle of the top part and you can get your translation at an instant.

The 3-finger translation is good for using on certain apps which sometimes make it difficult to select the text for translation.

GPA 2.0 – For those who need more performance for gaming

OPPO also hasn’t forgotten one major thing for mobile user, that is gaming. ColorOS 12 will bring GPA 2.0 for gamers to enhance their gaming experience.

General Performance Adaptor offers users to select performance mode, game focus mode, notifications, screen recording, Touch optimisation, system status and orientation. Each options allow users to fine tune their OPPO device to get the best gaming experience and perhaps streaming as well.

These seven features are already available now on the ColorOS 12 Beta version for OPPO Find X3 Pro.ColorOS 12 is certainly bringing more exciting ways to use your OPPO device. What do you think of theColorOS 12’s features and let us know in the comment.

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