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Christopher Lee and Fann Wong become the ambassadors of OMG! Gods of Three Kingdoms in Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam

Such breaking news for Asian fans that has been announced on OMG! Gods of Three Kingdoms’ official Facebook page on June 2nd.

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, June 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — OMG! Gods of Three Kingdoms is the latest Three Kingdoms-inspired strategy and role-playing mobile game published by VNGGames, launched in Singapore and Malaysia on June 2nd. The most notable difference is the unique combat mechanism, which combines the characteristics of the tactical genre and the trendy auto-battle system.

Christopher Lee and Fann Wong become the ambassadors of OMG! Gods of Three Kingdoms in Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam.

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At the same time, OMG! Gods of Three Kingdoms also announces that Christopher Lee and Fann Wong are the ambassadors of the game. This news gets rejoiced and enthusiastically supported by players as well as their fans from across Asia.

Fann Wong is a top Singaporean actress while her husband Christopher Lee is a famous actor from Malaysia. They are a golden couple of Singapore Lion Island and have become familiar across Asia. People know them through their roles in hit films such as The Return of the Condor Heroes, The Legendary Swordsman, Madam White Snake, Moon Fairy, etc.

Although they worked in many genres of movies as well as many different roles in the entertainment world, their most impressive image is the hero and beauty in ancient dramas. However, fans have not seen them appear together in such an ancient visual for a while. So they are the best options to become the ambassadors of OMG! Gods of Three Kingdoms.

Before coming to Singapore and Malaysia, OMG! Gods of Three Kingdoms was launched in Vietnam and Thailand at the end of April and achieved much success with millions of players. Right now, everyone can jump into the world of OMG! Gods of Three Kingdoms and embark on an adventure with Christopher Lee, Fann Wong, and other players from across the region.

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