Check out these burgers during International Burger Day at Pavilion KL and Intermark Mall

As 28 May is International Burger Day, Malaysians can indulge some of the finest burgers located at Pavilion KL and Intermark Mall. Here are ten restaurants at Pavilion KL and Intermark Mall which you should try out their burgers (halal and non-halal) now. Let’s find out more at below.

Awaken The Five Senses at Five Guys’

If you love hefty, juicy and meaty burgers, then Five Guys is the place to fire up your senses. Made from fresh ground beef, the burgers here are customizable to the way you like it with fifteen yummy toppings to choose from, including the usual suspects of vegetables and pickles, and all kinds of sauces from ketchup to A1 Steak Sauce, Bar-B-Que Sauce, and Hot Sauce. Pamper yourself and loved ones at this famous burger joint today!
Location: Five Guys, Level 3, Connection, Pavilion KL

KGB Seoul Burger For K-Lovers

Calling all K-food lovers! For a burger with an Asian flavour profile, indulge in this super juicy yet crispy Seoul Burger at KGB. Stuffed with parmesan crusted chicken, chopped kimchi, a sunny side up egg and kimchi mayo, this burger promises to satisfy with a sweet and sour kick to uplift the flavours.
Location: KGB, Level 4, Elite, Pavilion KL

Peri-delicious Nando’s Nandoca’s Burger

Chick-out the Nandoca’s Choice Burger where you can get a whole butterflied Peri-Peri chicken topped with crunchy coleslaw and spiced with a special sauce. Instead of a usual brioche bun, this delectable concoction is sandwiched between slices of toasted garlic bread for extra flavour!
Location: Nando’s, Level 1, Elite, Pavilion KL & Ground Floor, Intermark Mall

Start The Day with The Coffee Academics’ Breakfast Burger

Who says you can’t eat burgers for breakfast? The Coffee Academics may be known for their award-winning coffees but their All-Day Breakfast menu features the Breakfast Burger with a combination of creamy scrambled eggs and beef bacon served with everybody’s favourite – tater tots!
Location: The Coffee Academics, Level 3, Connection, Pavilion KL

Get Ahead with KyoChon’s ‘Future Chicken’ Burger

For a twist on a classic burger, why not try this delicious meat-free burger? Made using a 100% plant-based patty that tastes just like chicken, the ‘Future Chicken’ burger is available in original or extra spicy flavours, encased within a charcoal bun. It is perfect for those looking for more conscious food choices, without compromising on taste.
Location: KyoChon, Level 1, Pavilion KL

Stay Slim with Salad Atelier’s Avocado Crabstick Burger

Trying to eat healthy but burger cravings won’t leave you alone? Calm your fears with Salad Atelier’s Avocado Crabstick burger, complete with seafood-y umami and topped with a spicy and creamy Kewpie dressing. This burger has only 338 calories and it’s perfect for your fitness journey.
Location: Salad Atelier, Ground Floor, Intermark Mall

Kids’ Burgers for All Ages at Serai & Secret Recipe

Treat your kids (and yourself) to Serai’s Mini Cheese Beef Burger without worrying about the portion size. With melty cheese and served with fries, it’s a kiddy favourite. Or head over to Secret Recipe for their im-peck-able bite-sized Kid’s Chicken Burgers that are served in 4 cute mini portions that are perfect for sharing.
Location: Serai, Level 7, Dining Loft, Pavilion KL & Secret Recipe, Concourse, Intermark Mall

Pig Out on Pork Burgers (non-halal)

Boar-ed of the usual beef or chicken burgers? Nanyang Cafe’s pork burger features a tender and juicy pork chop that is simply irresistible. For a western option, sink your teeth into Morganfield’s Signature’s Smokehouse Bacon Cheeseburger that is loaded with melted cheddar cheese, pork bacon strips and a homemade pork patty chargrilled and glazed with Hickory sauce.
Location: Nanyang Café, Level 8, Elite, Pavilion KL (non-halal) & Morganfield’s Signature, Level 4, Connection, Pavilion KL (non-halal)

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