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Check out the powerful and passionate woman that #choosetochallenge on HBO GO

With its official theme #choosetochallenge, International Women’s Day calls for a world that is challenged for change in gender-based inequalities, and that celebrates women’s achievements. To pay tribute to this special occasion, HBO GO presents a selection of inspiring, amusing and thought-provoking movies and series that celebrate feminine strength and sisterhood across diverse and often difficult situations this March.


From the past to the present, and in some possible future, women demonstrate strength in the face of adversity. Witness how a rape victim, prisoner of the state, and a journalist rise above dark times to regain their dignity in I May Destroy YouThe Handmaid’s Tale and I’ll Be Gone in the Dark.

I May Destroy You(Award-Winning Series)Many women are broken by trauma but Michaela Coel clawed her way back. Inspired by her own experience with sexual assault, she both writes and acts in the lead role of this HBO Original Series, telling the story with heart-wrenching authenticity as she finds a way to heal and become whole once more.
The Handmaid’s Tale(Award-Winning Series)This dark and dystopian tale depicts a totalitarian society where women are considered property, forced to bear children in order to repopulate the world. However, one woman is determined to survive her harsh reality, and to find the daughter who was taken from her.
I’ll Be Gone in the Dark(Award-Nominated Docu-series)This HBO Original Series chronicles the ordeal of victims of the Golden State Killer. Based on a true-crime novel by Michelle McNamara that eventually led to his capture, it spans over a decade of rapes and murders in a six-part documentary that is powerful, personal, and compelling.


Throughout history, women have been victims of violence and oppression, and it takes a rare individual to fight back. The powerful women depicted in HarrietSisters in Arms, and Bombshell show us how they rise to the occasion.

Harriet(Award-nominated movie)Based on the life of slave-turned-abolitionist Harriet Tubman, this is the long-awaited tale of how she embarked on a desperate journey that begins with her escape from a plantation in 1849. Though she has gained her own freedom, she repeatedly places her life on the line to help rescue others like her, earning her a well-deserved place in history.
Sisters in Arms(Movie)A young woman in the Middle East, kidnapped and sold into the sex trade, takes her fate into her own hands by joining the Kurdish resistance. Taken in by an international brigade of women, she learns about weaponry and – more importantly – the power of solidarity as she hopes to one day punish her oppressors, whose fanatical outlook includes a fear of being killed by women.
Bombshell(Award-nominated movie)Three women refuse to stay silent about sexual harassment, triggering a liberating movement that strikes back against systematic and entrenched sexism. From mass media to corporate boardrooms and the political arena, this movie tackles the unpleasant truths that often get swept under the carpet.
Watchmen(Award-winning series)In an ongoing war between masked vigilantes and government agencies have resulted in the death of a police chief. It takes a gutsy female cop to go head-to-head with the notorious Sister Night, uncovering a sinister conspiracy in her pursuit of the killers in this HBO Original series.
Miss S(Series)In this HBO Asia Original Series, a plucky young socialite in 1930s Shanghai flies in the face of tradition to set up her own detective agency. With the help of a police inspector, she brings down crooked businessmen, drug dealers and criminals of every stripe.


The bonds of sisterhood are strong and tenacious, coming to the fore under diverse situations, from adolescent escapades in Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants and the iconic power females in Sex and the City to the intergenerational relationship of Julie and Julia.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants(Award-winning movie)Four young women, separated over a long summer, pledge to stay connected by sharing a pair of jeans between them, which amazingly looks incredible of each one of them. Like all coming-of-age stories, this movie is filled with lessons on love, courage, friendship, forgiveness and personal growth.
Betty(Award-nominated series)Take a trip through New York’s skateboarding scene in this HBO Original Series, and see what it’s like for a group of young women who want to break into its male-dominated culture.
Sex and the City(Award-winning series)This HBO Original Series is a classic tale of not one but four glamorous and ambitious female New Yorkers who are unabashed in their search for their next partner.
Insecure(Award-nominated series)Witty, amusing and sometimes insightful, this series follows the life of a young black woman in Los Angeles, from the dating life of millennials to her relationship with her community members.
Julie and Julia(Movie)Iconic chef Julia Childs meets aspiring cook and blogger Julia who is determined to emulate her idol by cooking through all the recipes in Childs’ book, ‘Mastering the Art of French Cooking’. Despite the age gap, they form a bond over their shared passion for food.
Hustlers(Award-winning movie)A young woman making ends meet as a stripper teams up with the nightclub’s top earner to hatch a scheme to fleece wealthy Wall Street businessmen.
Like a Boss(Movie)Best friends who get into business often don’t stay friends for long. When a small, homegrown beauty brand founded by two women gets a buyout offer by a big cosmetics company, their different views threaten to tear their friendship apart.
Unpregnant(Movie)A pregnant teenager embarks on an interstate trip with her best friend in an HBO MAX Original Movie that touches on various ethical, political and social issues. Along the way, their friendship is strengthened by the shared experience.

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