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Check out The King: Eternal Monarch large fanbase on Twitter

Have you been chasing the ongoing Korean drama series The King: Eternal Monarch staring Lee Min-ho and Kim Go-eun on Netflix? If you do, you should check out the Twitter fanbase for The King: Eternal Monarch as most of the Tweet conversations are really engaging and amazing. This just proved how popular this K-drama is and the dedication put in the conversation show a huge amount of loyal fans following closely this ongoing drama.

Most of the conversations have largely revolved around 3 main topics so let’s find out now:

1)      Fangirling/fanboying reaction Tweets

·         Female fans have no doubt been wishing that they could date the attractive King Lee Gon, though many others have also grown to love seeing the leading couple together

·         Supporting characters are also well-loved by fans who certainly feel as though they are truly part of their character’s growth in the show

·         Extravagant and dramatic rescue scenes have also triggered excitement for fans now fully invested in the storyline

2)      Feelings

·         As the drama inevitably approaches the end, fans are starting to thank the actors for their hard work while sadly preparing to bid farewell to this intriguing story

·         While light-hearted at parts, The King Eternal Monarch has gradually become more somber with hard-hitting scenes making fans emotional  

·         Of course, romantic and affectionate moments the leading couple share have also sent shockwaves through the fandom

3)       Speculation / Explanation

·         The King Eternal Monarch is a complex story and fans have become detectives, drawing comparisons with previous dramas in a bid to uncover each character’s true purpose and identity  

·         With time travel and parallel worlds woven into the story, it is easy for fans to get lost in confusion. Fortunately, helpful fans have provided detailed explanations on how things work, mathematical formulas and all

The fanbase for The King: Eternal Monarch on Twitter is truly cute and amazing. In case if you haven’t watch the drama yet, you can click on this Netflix link here. As for me, I will binge watch once the finale episode air on the 12th June as I prefer to watch from the start to finish.

Credit: Twitter

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