CES 2023: Roborock launches new Roborock S8 Series and Dyad Pro

Roborock S8 Pro Ultra

Roborock has launched the Roborock S8 Series at CES 2023, consisting of three models, the Roborock S8 Pro Ultra, Roborock S8+, and the Roborock S8. Roborock also introduces Dyad Pro, the brand’s new cordless wet-dry vacuum.

“Home cleaning appliances such as robot vacuums and wet-dry vacuums are increasingly sophisticated, but cleaning effectiveness can still be a hit or miss. With the S8 Series and the Dyad Pro, we are introducing complete, one-stop solutions to customers around the world.” Says Richard Chang, founder and CEO of Roborock.

“The S8 Series uses the most powerful cleaning system we have developed to date on a robot vacuum, paired with the ability to maneuver around objects and maintain itself, customers can now enjoy a more hands-off deep clean than ever before. While the Dyad Pro brings wet-dry cleaning up a notch with unmatched cleaning power, intelligence, and self-maintenance options.”

Roborock S8 Series: Forget About Cleaning, Really

  • Introducing Roborock’s Most Convenient Dock Yet

Roborock’s new RockDock Ultra system is introduced on the S8 Pro Ultra, allowing for automatic mop washing, dust emptying, refilling, and self-cleaning. A new warm air-drying feature prevents the growth of mold and odors on the mop pad and the dock.

  • Enhanced Cleaning Performance

The S8 Series is powered by Roborock’s strongest suction ever, at 6,000Pa. A newly introduced dual rubber roller brush improves dirt pick up and is more effective in resisting hair tangles, making it especially convenient for those with pets.

The brush on the S8 Pro Ultra is automatically lifted for up to 6mm under the mop-only mode and when the robot vacuum returns to the dock, preventing cross-contamination in both instances. This liftable brush also allows users to mop up spills without damaging the robot vacuum.

  • VibraRise 2.0 Mopping System

The mop automatically lifts when cleaning on carpets, and scrubs against floors with sonic mopping technology at a frequency of 3000 times per min. On the S8 Pro Ultra, there are now two vibration modules, providing better efficiency compared to the original mopping system.

  • Reactive 3D Obstacle Avoidance System

Readied with Roborock’s latest obstacle recognition & avoidance system, the S8 Series can identify various objects on its path and maneuver around them. 

The S8 Series will be available for purchase on Amazon and Roborock Official Store in the United States beginning in April of 2023 and will retail starting at $749.99.

Roborock Dyad Pro: A Clean Sweep for Both Wet And Dry Messes

Roborock Dyad Pro

The Dyad Pro brings breakthrough performance, packed into a one-stop, cordless solution.

  • Powerful Wet Dry Cleaning Performance

With DyadPower, the Dyad Pro’s extremely powerful 17,000Pa suction and the ability to vacuum and wash at once, users can tackle a controlled and flexible deep clean with one tool, even getting into smaller corners and difficult areas of the home, reaching as close as 1mm to the wall. The Dyad Pro also intelligently adapts cleaning power, water flow and dispenses cleaning solution accordingly for a better clean. 

  • Automatic Self-Maintenance Capabilities

The Dyad Pro will automatically clean its rollers using a bi-directional motion when docked, followed by automatic self-drying, preventing odors and bacteria build-up.

The Dyad Pro will be available for purchase on Amazon and Roborock Official Store in the United States beginning in January of 2023, for an MSRP of $449.99.

CES 2023 attendees may experience the S8 Series and Dyad Pro vacuums firsthand at Roborock’s booth 9835, AI & Robotics Area, North Hall LVCC.

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