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CES 2021 Tresl’s data intelligence platform, Segments Analytics, helps e-commerce brands on Shopify understand their customers better to optimize marketing efforts

TAIPEI, Jan. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — E-commerce has fundamentally changed the way people shop and buy, with over 2 billion digital customers and an estimated 12 to 24 million e-commerce sites across the globe in 2020. Shopify, the fastest growing e-commerce platform, has been a major driver of e-commerce trends, hosting over a million brands and 300M shoppers.

Tresl’s data intelligence platform makes data-driven marketing easy

Tresl, a tech startup founded in Palo Alto in 2018, makes data-driven marketing easy for e-commerce brands. It’s hero product, Segments Analytics, is an e-commerce intelligence platform on the Shopify App Store that allows businesses to easily dig into their customer data, not only helping brand owners understand their customers better but also providing actionable insights with prebuilt customer segmentations to optimize marketing efforts.

While Shopify has made it easy for businesses to sell online, many brands struggle to use their business data to make smarter marketing decisions and convert more customers, ultimately leaving money on the table. This is because the digital customer journey is complex with hundreds of touchpoints across internet browser sessions, email, social media, and other marketing channels.

Although brands are allocating increasing budgets for marketing, marketing expenditures often have a minimal impact on sales. In fact, the top 10% of Shopify stores alone probably spend a combined $6B on marketing each year. With customer acquisition costs on the rise, e-commerce brands need to spend their marketing dollars more wisely and efficiently in order to reach and convert more customers. Tresl levels the playing field by empowering brand owners with a deeper understanding of their data.

How does it work? E-commerce brands may install Segments Analytics directly via the Shopify App store. After a one-click, simple installation, Segments Analytics accesses the brands’ Shopify store data and automatically pre-builds 30+ different customer segments based on RFM and customer lifetime value across their customers’ entire purchasing lifecycle.

Segments Analytics powers data intelligence for hundreds of brands and is the #1 segmentation solution on Shopify with 100% 5-star reviews

Access to highly targeted customer segments, give brand owners the ability to precision-target customers with special offers when they are most likely to purchase and to optimize their marketing campaigns. Tresl provides step-by-step marketing optimizations across complex digital customer journeys to help brands take effective steps to monetize their data. Instead of spending weeks creating spreadsheets or hiring an expensive data team, Shopify brands can easily plug and play these customer segments into their marketing campaigns. Best of all, Segments Analytics directly syncs targeted customer segments across various marketing channels such as email, Facebook, and Google.

In gaining a better understanding of how their consumers shop, Tresl’s clients have seen tremendous results. Brands using Segments Analytics have increased click through rates on abandoned cart flows by 30%, re-engaged 20% of their loyal customers who’ve churned, and increased sales by 40% MoM within just one month of starting to use Tresl’s platform. This is why Tresl is the #1 segmentation solution on Shopify and is already used by hundreds of brands.

Their business model is simple. Tresl offers a subscription pricing plan starting at $79/month, with a more advanced enterprise plan available to brand owners that want deeper customer insights and advanced analytics. Tresl customers gain access to the same analytics tools used by much larger enterprises at a fraction of the cost.

Led by Linkedin data scientists with decades of experience

Founded by two LinkedIn data scientists, Tresl’s mission is to make data-driven marketing easy and accessible. Their team has decades of experience in data science, data analytics, predictive modeling, and engineering. John Chao, CEO and Co-Founder of Tresl, received his Masters in Statistics from Stanford University and has worked as a data scientist for 15 years. At LinkedIn, John was responsible for building predictive models for the sales and marketing team. Tony Yin, the CTO and Co-Founder of Tresl, holds degrees in Computer Science and Economics from the University of Chicago.

Tresl is backed by strong investors, including Silicon Valley Angel and Broadvision CEO Dr. Pehong Chen, Cornerstone Ventures, and SparkLabs Taipei. The company currently has offices in the US and Taiwan, with the R&D team based in the Taiwan Tech Arena. Tresl’s vision is to enable any e-commerce brand to achieve its greatest sales potential with easy-to-use, data-driven marketing tools.

CES 2021 TTA-VR Pavilion:https://pse.is/3amvs9

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