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CES 2021 Origami Labs OFLO redefines real-time frontline team collaboration with a screen-free suite on cloud

TAIPEI, Jan. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Origami Labs has created OFLO, a cloud-based communication and productivity suite that drastically improves the responsiveness of frontline teams and desk-based teams.

“With our integrated hardware and software solution, the frontline staff has the power of “screen-free” computing. Combined with OFLO’s proprietary hardware devices, we make sure everyone has the right tools to get the job done.”

The walkie-talkie connects teams without disruptions with instant push-to-talk accessories with unlimited coverage via 4G and Wi-Fi. “We equip service and security teams with their work in mind. A screenless, lightweight, digitally connected wearable device for instant communications wherever teams are located.”

The startup future star is already on the horizon

OFLO promotes greater accountability across teams through real-time message transcriptions. The messages are transcribed real-time from speech to text and text to speech, bringing accountability to frontline communications with message history and text search.

Coming in 2021, OFLO will effectively deploy resources with live location and visual on the ground. Being the first of its kind, OFLO’s cloud-based command center empowers coordinators and managers to oversee frontline team activities and dynamically allocate resources to any situation.

OFLO dashboard introduces an untapped set of data that is presented in a visual report with location history, audio data, and task logging. OFLO enables managers to make better decisions for your organization by offering deeper insights of your frontline teams’ performance.

Empowered teams through a unified platform

For frontline teams, service and security, OFLO can provide rich and traceable data, giving coordinators a better insight of the frontline work. For control centers, operators can reach new levels of efficiency with faster response time and more ground visibility, allowing for possible off-site operations. Managers meanwhile can track business performance through quantifiable data to make more knowledgeable decisions to drive growth and efficiency.

Significant results from various business cases

At the Peninsula hotel, with over 60 staff across 8 teams adopted OFLO for their day to day communication. OFLO helps eliminate communication bottlenecks, currently often stuck on the front desk, allowing team members to communicate and collaborate across teams more easily.

At St. Regis Hotel, within five days, 25 staff from four teams across the property switched out their walkie talkies to OFLO. Staff found OFLO to be more compact and comfortable without compromising the core features from walkie talkies. St. Regis teams also use OFLO for immediate cross-teams information passing, including name for check-in.

At Jones Lang Lasalle at Cyberport, OFLO was deployed for 40 people including security and customer services. Not only act as a catalyst among the communication among frontline teams, OFLO also provided greater operational transparency for senior management to access more operational information such as conversation logs to trace back on moments of incidents.

At Savills at The Mills, within 3 days trial at a commercial facility with 20 security staff, OFLO consolidated multiple existing devices into one, offering a more compact and better solution to facilitate frontline operations and engagement.

Stay tuned to what Origami Labs has yet to offer

The team started with the brightest minds in Hong Kong. Origami started off in the consumer market, launching ORII the world’s first voice-powered ring in 2017 on a crowdfunding platform which took off overnight. ORII’s demand from around the world drove us to roll out in 20 markets from the get go.

Leveraging Origami Labs’ expertise in the screen-free interface territory allows the company to effectively equip frontline teams with a superior device that helps them tackle their day to day job better, OFLO. “Our design philosophy around the screen-free interface has always been about its linkage with the inevitable visual-based world. Hence, OFLO is more than a mere walkie talkie replacement, but rather, a solution that improves the efficiency of team collaboration.”

This year, Origami Labs is being selected by Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) as one of the 100 featured Taiwanese startups to showcase at CES 2021 due to their magnificent solutions.

CES 2021 TTA-VR Pavilion: https://pse.is/3bbmbx

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