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CES 2021: LG showcase unique rollable phone project, home living products and virtual human influencer

LG Electronics (LG) kicks off CES 2021 with a lot of unique and amazing products and services with the theme Life is ON – Make Yourself at Home. The presentation of LG’s products and services highlights the meaning of “home” which aimed to make consumers’ daily lives more comfortable, convenient and enjoyable.

In the digital presentation, LG also showcased first looks at their rollable phone project and virtual human influencer. The rollable phone project was briefly demonstrating its unique resizable screen. As the second device under the brand’s Explorer Project, this rollable device is an “exploratory” look at what the future of smartphones may bring. LG also brought in Reah Keem, a virtual composer and DJ made even more human through deep learning technology. Reah was used introduce the new LG CLOi robot that utilizes ultraviolet C (UV-C) light to clean high-touch, high-traffic areas such as hotel rooms and restaurants.

LG’s virtual exhibition is divided into four different sites: Life in ON TV, Virtual Experience, LG SIGNATURE in Vegas and Life’s Good Studio. Life in On TV delivers 24/7 coverage of CES 2021 with the latest LG product news as well as entertaining lifestyle programming. Virtual Experience offers an interactive exhibit with four different product zones, which LG SIGNATURE in Vegas is a stunning showcase that pairs the wonders of Las Vegas with LG SIGNATURE’s artistically inspired appliances. Visitors to Life’s Good Studio can enjoy fun musical collaborations with some of the recording industry’s up-and-coming artists.

You can experience LG’s state-of-the-art virtual exhibition by visiting LG’s CES 2021 virtual exhibition booth on PC or mobile.

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