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Central Restaurants Group won Industry Champions of the Year at the Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Awards (ACES) 2022

HANOI, Vietnam, Nov. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Central Restaurants Group Co., Ltd. (CRG) has won “The Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Awards 2022” (ACES), in the category of Industry Champions of the Year. CRG is recognized in its outstanding operational leadership in driving the organization to move forward in endemic times and ability to ride the unexpected winds of changes in time where operational flexibility is of the utmost importance.

Nath Vongphanich, President, Central Restaurant Group

Nath Vongphanich, President of Central Restaurants Group Co., Ltd. said, “Over the last 2-3 years, we had to face the challenge of COVID-19 which has had long lasting effects. This harsh economic pressure was a core motivator for us to adapt to these challenges. CRG therefore completely revamped its strategies and plans to get the most out of the recovery.”

By making strategic plans more flexible and efficient, the company has accelerated the rollout of more branches, while adding new sales channels in delivery and online. A resilient ecosystem has been built up to support branch expansion.

The company will also continue to offer new kinds of business and restaurant brands to provide more variety and offer new experiences to customers. Brands have been launched as virtual brands to cope with the New Normal. Meanwhile, new models of consumer outlets have been developed such as Mobile Box Model, Mini Kiosk, Hybrid Cloud Kitchen and Cloud Kitchen to support delivery services which give greater access to customers.

All of these strategic plans are conducted in parallel with looking after “people”. The company must inspire loyalty by making our people happy, and by enabling them to grow with the organization. The aim is to build society on the basis of equality and providing opportunities to diverse groups of people. The company is focused on developing capabilities in human resources with the application of technology in the form of Smart Learning systems to upskill and re-skill our employees.

“This prestigious ACES award is another demonstration of CRG’s achievements in its business operations, which are focused on building resilience for the organization while showing responsibility for communities and society, for sustainable mutual growth. The award is also an important motivation to drive the company to attain its goals. This will enable our company to grow and progress securely into the future,” concluded Nath.

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