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Buds Auto Switch on Galaxy A series allows easier to switch between calls

Thanks to the upgraded features in the Galaxy Buds and Galaxy A Series, you now can maximize convenience with the Buds Auto Switch between Galaxy devices for a more fun experience.  

Whenever you’re watching your favorite movies or shows on your Galaxy Tablet and a phone call comes in, you can save the hassle of manually switching over to your phone to answer it. With the Buds Auto Switch, one of the flagship features that’s now available in the latest Galaxy A Series, you can enjoy a seamless and better listening experience without toggling around to get your Galaxy Buds2 Pro connected between your Galaxy devices.

Or if you’re attending a video call but your device starts to run out of battery, Auto Switch will switch to other active devices, so that you won’t miss a thing during your important meeting. 

With this feature, it will remember if you have paired with more than one Galaxy device, helping you stay connected while you’re at it. Rest assured that your Galaxy Buds are connected to your devices and to you anytime, anywhere.  

Enjoy a seamless listening experience with Buds Auto Switch on Galaxy A Series now!

For more information, visit: https://www.samsung.com/my/smartphones/galaxy-a-series/

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