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Brie Larson’s latest feat on Nissan ad is facing the heat

If you haven’t watched the latest Nissan Sentra ad featuring Brie Larson on YouTube, then you should watch it now. Nissan was partnering with Brie Larson to make a bold statement on how the all-new Sentra can empower customers and encourage them to never settle for less.

However, the message they tried to send through the ad was a bit too feminism and put off a huge audience. Many people have used their social media to voice up their dissatisfaction towards the video.

At the time of writing, the video has received around 10,000+ dislikes and 500+ likes. To make it worst, Nissan USA has decided to disable the comment section.

Even the “Behind the scene” video was not spared from dislikes. While writing this article, this video recorded around 4,600+ dislikes and 200+ likes. However, the comment section is still up at the moment.

Looks like Nissan really have to think carefully the next time for their video storyline ads. Even with an Academy Award-winning actress couldn’t save their promotional ads. Do drop some comment on the worst ads you have seen be it from the automotive or other fields.

Synopsis of the commercial

This commercial portrayed a young professional woman is about to compromise her career plans. Just as she is about to accept defeat, Larson arrives in a Monarch Orange Metallic 2020 Nissan Sentra SR. During an action-packed joyride through downtown Los Angeles, Larson uses the Sentra to inspire the woman to make a case for what she deserves.

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