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BLACKPINK and Starbucks brings an unforgettable summer experience in Malaysia with themed limited edition Frappuccino, drinkware and merchandise

Starbucks and phenomenal K-pop Girl Group BLACKPINK is set to offer an unforgettable summer experience offer customers and BLINKs in Malaysia. Starbucks Malaysia has recently launched the exclusive collaboration of the iconic new BLACKPINK-themed Frappuccino, along with a limited-edition collection of stylish drinkware and lifestyle merchandise, at select Starbucks stores in Malaysia. All this for a limited time and starts from 25 July.

Start off for the collaboration, the new BLACKPINK Strawberry Choco Cream Frappuccino Blended Beverage is set to deliver a multi-sensory experience that captures the showstopping spirit of BLACKPINK, the iconic beverage is set to become a fan favorite that will uplift summer days. The black and pink-hued beverage blends strawberry syrup and dark chocolate sauce with feel-good oat milk and chocolate curls, topped with light pink whipped cream and a symbolic heart-shaped chocolate.

Next up, the BLACKPINK + STARBUCKS collection will features a line-up of 11 types of drinkware and six lifestyle accessories featuring a signature contrasting pink and black color palette and funky graffiti motifs. The limited-edition merchandise evokes the girl group’s playful vibes and dynamic energy, while showing off confidence with an edge to live the best summer. 

A range of Starbucks reusable cups, mugs and tumblers for the limited edition collection will include signature BLACKPINK hues, adorned with fun drawings or encrusted with striking rhinestones that add sparkle to the everyday. Designed as eye-catching reusable ware, the collection encourages fans to use their chic reusables and make the switch from single-use to BYOC (bring your own cup) and show up for the planet. chic reusables and make the switch from single-use to BYOC (bring your own cup) and show up for the planet.

The curated collection also showcases an array of lifestyle accessories to turn up the summer fun. Featuring stylish aesthetics with a touch of unique BLACKPINK doodles-style prints, the limited-edition merchandise includes reusable tote bags, yoga mats, passport holders, and key chains. The exclusive collaboration will be available beginning 25 July at select Starbucks stores across Malaysia while supplies last starting from RM108.00 onwards and the all-new BLACKPINK Strawberry Choco Cream Frappuccino Blended Beverage will be tagged from RM20.50.

You can also taste the beverage on 23 July if you’re an existing Starbucks Rewards member. Not only that, Starbucks Rewards members will get to be the first to get your hands on the BLACKPINK + STARBUCKS collection! Exclusively in Malaysia, Starbucks is offering a pre-sale opened on 21 July for the first 190 customers. Save the date and be sure to check out @mystarbucks on Instagram to not miss out on the pre-sale registration details. 

Aside from the exciting BLACKPINK + STARBUCKS collaboration, elevate your summer with the latest line-up of beverages that will leave you nutty for more! Introducing the oh-so nutty and creamy Starbucks Almond Butter Coffee Frappuccino that will leave you dreaming of enjoying gelatos in a coastal town. Summer never felt so good with the new Starbucks Almond White Chocolate Cream Frappuccino. This buttery and creamy combination of nutty roasted almond cream, sugar glazed almond, and white chocolate mocha sauce is a blissful, nutty dream. Sip on the cool and crisp Starbucks Almond Cream Cold Brew to summer like there is no end. A refreshing mix of Starbucks Cold Brew topped with a light cloud-like float of almond cold foam and a splash of sugar glazed almond topping, this beverage is a silky-smooth nutty delight. 

As a delightful transition into the fall season, the Starbucks Summer Field merchandise collection and Beach Day Starbucks Card masterfully balances the lingering essence of summer with a gentle touch of autumn. Embracing a softer palette, the designs incorporate enchanting floral patterns that invite you to wander through sun-kissed fields adorned with vibrant wildflowers in full bloom. The latest collection features new shapes ranging from brewing set, tumbler, sustainable cold cup and a light-weighted picnic mat to enjoy nature in comfort and style. 

In honor of the people and planet behind our beloved coffee, the Starbucks Voyage Blend returns, showcasing the future of sustainable coffee. We proudly present three exceptional coffees, carefully selected for their pioneering cultivation methods and origins. This blend originates from West Sumatra, Brazil and Zambia, representing a coming together of regions in Asia Pacific, Latin America and Africa. This carefully crafted blend combines the vibrant notes of grapefruit nectar with the comforting aroma of toasted hazelnut. It offers a delightful balance between fruity acidity and nutty sweetness, creating a unique and satisfying flavor profile. With flavor pairings such as honey, citrus and fig that provides additional dimensions to the already unique taste of the blend, allowing you to explore different taste sensations and create your own personal coffee experience. With meticulous attention, these globally sourced beans unite, forging a blend that paves the way for innovation and a brighter future. 

Bathe in the summer sun and embrace the season with Starbucks as they offer their Almond Butter Coffee Frappuccino Blended Beverage from RM18.00 onwards, Almond White Chocolate Cream Frappuccino Blended Beverage at RM18.00 onwards and Almond Cream Cold Brew priced at RM18.00 onwards. The Summer Field collection can be found at all stores, starting from RM85.00. By loading a minimum of RM30 onto your Beach Day Starbucks Card, you can unlock exclusive benefits. Indulge in the delightful flavors of Starbucks Voyage Blend whole bean coffee, priced at RM60.00 and experience ultimate satisfaction. 

For more information about the collaboration, please visit www.starbucks.com.my.

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