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Bitnine Launches AG Cloud Express: The Easiest Cloud-based Graph Database For Everyone

SAN FRANCISCO, April 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Bitnine Global Inc., a Graph database R&D company, launched a cloud-based graph visualization solution, AG Cloud Express. Bitnine explained the background of the release of AG Cloud Express, saying “It is a response to the growth of global demand and market needs for cloud service.”

AG Cloud Express is a free online database service based on AgensGraph, with the purpose of introducing a graph analytical experience for all. AG Cloud Express is a Graph database visualization tool and provided as a SaaS solution. The biggest advantage of AG Cloud Express is that anyone can easily access the Graph DB for free on the web without an installation of the infrastructure such as a separate server or equipment. 

AG Cloud Express provides the following: learning the basics of graph databases and Cypher query language, testing your Cypher knowledge with the advanced tutorial, and experience graph analysis based on pre-installed dataset. For example, the user can see the connection of celebrities and directors related to a certain movie film or can investigate insurance fraud from a mini graph in AG Cloud Express.  In the near future, you will be able to import personal CSV data and work on your own projects via AG Cloud Express. Moreover, the enterprise version of AG Cloud embedded with Graph data visualization and analysis solutions will release this Summer.

Through this release, Bitnine can quickly respond to changes in global trends while building up a broad portfolio of graph products. Bitnine explained, “From the launch of this cloud service, global profitability is also expected to improve significantly.”

Bitnine CEO CheolSun Kang  said, “It is difficult to find a company that has both Graph DB and Cloud services in the world, but Bitnine has all the same capabilities. Using accumulated global infrastructure and networks as a foothold, Bitnine will continue to improve graph technology specialized services and work hard to continue the company’s ability to grow and to monetize business models.”

Bitnine Global Inc. 

Founded in 2013, Bitnine is a company specializing in graph databases. It launched AgensGraph, a multi-model database solution capable of processing both relational and graph databases at the same time for the first time in the world, in 2017, attracting attention from all across the world. Korea’s only graph database company, it accounts for more than 90% of the domestic graph database market, establishing itself as the unmatched player in the industry. 

In 2016, Bitnine established a global sales HQ in the San Francisco Bay Area and has since steadily expanded its global business with North America as the base. Its AgensGraph has been used by Intel’s Data Center while other clients such as the United Nations World Food Programme, France’s state-run utility company EDF, and America’s largest telecom service provider Verizon are using AgensGraph in their operation.


Bitnine Global Inc.
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