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“Big Size, Big Deals” 70SUD6600 Home Cinema TV

MANILA, Philippines, April 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Since its founding back in 1988, SKYWORTH has been at the forefront of key international high-tech corporations. Today, SKYWORTH is one of the world’s Top 5 TV brands and the Top Brand in China’s domestic display market – also becoming the first TV brand in the Philippines to release its borderless design TV, and the only TV brand on the islands to run the latest Android 10.0 Operating System.

The SKYWORTH 70SUD6600 Home Cinema TV is the latest offering from SKYWORTH, standing as proof of 32 years’ research and development in the making. Boasting 3 key features designed to give you the ultimate cinematic experience from the comfort of your home: A giant screen with quality durability, built-in Android 10.0 OS, and the finest Chameleon 2.0 Picture Quality Engine.

70SUD6600 Home Cinema TV

70SUD6600 Home Cinema TV

Built with durable Japanese panels, the 70SUD6600 Home Cinema TV stands out through its signature cinematic 4K-Display screen.

By making use of the latest Android 10.0 operating system, the 70SUD6600 becomes the first and only TV brand in the Philippines to run on the OS, allowing your TV to run faster and smarter, while being responsive like no other SKYWORTH TV before. Enjoy AV1 video decoding system for smooth, accurate imaging, with decreased buffering.

Alongside the Android 10.0 OS, expect the amazing Google Assistant feature built into the SKYWORTH 70SUD6600 Home Cinema TV, giving you the power to play, control, and receive assistance from the command of your voice. Additionally, enjoy over 5000 applications and 1000+ online streaming services.

None of the 70SUD6600 Home Cinema TV’s picture quality would be possible without the Chameleon Extreme 2.0 PQ Engine, driving the best picture quality from super crystal-clear resolution, automated contrast enhancement, dynamic remodelling, and AI self-adaption. The SKYWORTH 70SUD6600 Home Cinema TV is the forefront of Smart-Home living.

With SKYWORTH’s global “408 Festival”, well-known globally for its captivating discounts, has been held successfully every year internationally. This 2021, SKYWORTH Philippines will be hosting its very own “408 Festival” from April 19May 31, dubbed “Big Size, Big Deals”, which includes a 2-YEAR maintenance and home service warranty, free delivery within metro manila, 500 vouchers on the Lazada store page, and free ear pods to the first 100 customers who make a purchase from any participating retailers online or offline. Prepare to get your hands on the amazing SKYWORTH 70SUD6600 Home Cinema TV.

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