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Be the star in Snapchat’s The Me and You Show

You can go ahead be a star with Snapchat’s The Me and You Show, a first-of-its-kind personalized sketch comedy show starring you and your best friend, powered by Snapchat’s Cameos technology.

The Me and You Show pushes the limits of innovation to deliver immersive Originals that make the viewer part of the show. This technology allows any of Snapchat’s 293 million daily active users to star in a sketch show unlike any other — just by uploading a single selfie. 

This new innovative series takes Snapchat’s Cameos to the next level, following the launch of Cameos Stories, which are personalized Stories that showcase you and your friends in Discover — reaching over 22 million unique viewers since launching in March 2021. What differentiates The Me and You Show from Cameos Stories is the narrative nature of each episode, which is driven by dialogue and adheres to a classic sketch comedy structure. The result is a fun, and exciting way for Snapchatters and their friends to become the stars of a unique sketch show like never before.

Produced by Propagate Content’s Big Breakfast and Kids at Play, and written by Zack Bornstein (Saturday Night Live), this new 10-episode Snap Original can be watched only on Snapchat. 6 episodes have been aired so far, be sure to catch the final episode before the series ends on 3 December.

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