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Be fresh and cool with Hisense side-by-side inverter refrigerator

Hisense Malaysia is introducing their latest side-by-side inverter refrigerator which features with an ice & water dispenser that allows users to enjoy the chilled drinks and ice immediately.

The new model of side-by-side inverter refrigerator is equipped with the Ice & Water Dispenser which is able to produce ice cubes, crushed ice and cooled water for the users by just pressing on a button. There is a Non-Plumbed Water Tank inside the fridge that offers users to get fresh and cool water in just a tap without plumbing. Users are able to utilise the Touch Electronic Control with LED touch control panel to control the dispenser and quickly select the desired temperature for each compartment. 

The cold air inside the refrigerator will be distributed evenly, thanks to the Hisense Multi-Air Flow System that will consistently maintain the temperature of the fridge freezer which will keep the food chilled to perfection. Soft LED Lighting brings more efficiency than standard incandescent fridge bulbs, which allows users to see the fridge more clearly and it is energy saving as well. 

Home appliances of Hisense not only emphasize on the quality but the fashionable design as well, the Premium Black Glass Door Design of this side-by-side inverter refrigerator can perfectly fits into the kitchen design of every household, and it’s Concealed Hinge covered hinge and provides a seamless appearance. Self-closing System are always favored by the users as the door is supposed to close automatically even when the door opens up to 15° and the alarm function will remind the users when the door is not closed.

Hisense Side-by-Side Inverter Refrigerator will be priced at RM5,699 in Malaysia and will be available at Hisense authorised dealers.

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