BaWangChaJi Malaysia achieves business growth during the new normal

BaWangChaJi Malaysia’s Tear and Win 2.0 was a success despite such a challenging period in Malaysia. The team at BaWangChaJi achieved an unexpected result as all “Fortune Cookies” in the Big Big Cup were out of stock even before the day ended. The spike of social media post engagement also indicated that tea lovers were excited to take part in the Tear and Win 2.0 campaign. The “Fortune Cookies” and “Fortune Notes” have also increased the curiosity and eagerness of tea lovers to tear the Big Big Cup in conjunction with Chinese New Year 2021. 

Apart from being sold out, BaWangChaJi Malaysia team also promised to make up for those customers who do not get the “Fortune Cookie” from their Big Big Cup purchases during Tear and Win 2.0. As BaWangChaJi is developing in Malaysia, the team will soon reach out to more tea lovers by expanding more outlets in different states. The support and love from tea lovers have shown to be the strongest encouragement for BaWangChaJi team to continue serving premium and healthy tea beverages for its fans. 

“We’ve conducted an upgrade for our signature Tear Cup Activity during this season of Chinese New Year with a fun “Fortune Cookies” idea. We were extremely glad to receive such overwhelming responses and participation from our customers while practising the new normal in this during the movement control order. It was undoubtedly an amazing milestone for BaWangChaJi and moving forward we strive to grow stronger and provide all tea lovers with the best tea drinking experiences,” said Jack Chong, CEO of BaWangChaJi Malaysia.

Tea lovers who have received the “Fortune Cookies” from Big Big Cup are reminded to redeem your gift from the outlet where transactions have been made. The redemption period will be starting from 15 to 28 February 2021. For those who did not receive the “Fortune Cookies” and vouchers are required to bring their receipts to the purchasing outlets within 14 days from the 1st until 14th of March 2021 to redeem their replacement “Fortune Cookie”.

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