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Australia’s Open!: Booking.com’s 7 Predictions for the Triumphant Return of Travel in 2022

SYDNEY, Nov. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In its most extensive travel predictions research to date, Booking.com reveals how a renewed sense of optimism is fueling a hunger to make 2022 the year to make the most of the unpredictability and get back to fully experiencing the world. Trends for the year include:

Vitamin Vacay – More so than daily exercise or mindful meditation, getting away on holiday will become THE form of self-care in 2022, with over three-quarters of people (82%) affirming that travel helps their mental and emotional wellbeing more than other forms of rest and relaxation.
  Resetting the Out Of (Home) Office – When the pandemic hit, homes across the globe became our offices too, and the novelty of working remotely was realized. However, in 2022 we’ll see a significant rise in people wanting to take back control in a bid to firmly re-establish a healthy work-life balance as holiday time itself will be strictly work-free for three quarters of travelers (76%) in 2022.
  All the First-Time Feels – Remember what it was like to board a plane for the very first time? Or even just to check into a hotel? After feeling ‘stuck’ for so long, rather than rushing through the journey, travellers will be relishing every moment, from fine-tuning the playlist for the rental car to browsing the delicacies duty free has to offer, with a fifth (21%) most looking forward to the pure excitement and anticipation as the journey begins. 

For the full list of Booking.com’s travel predictions for 2022 and research methodology, visit https://news.booking.com/en-au/.


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