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Ativafit Upgrades Home Fitness Solutions with New 66lbs Adjustable Dumbbell Set

NEW YORK, Nov. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ativafit, a pioneer in home fitness equipment, launched its upgraded medium-weight 66lbs adjustable dumbbell set on Nov 29th, bringing the exercise equipment maker a step closer to its brand vision that focuses on helping the general public embark on a personalized, exclusive fitness journey.

Ativafit New Product Launch

The 66lbs adjustable dumbbell set by Ativafit was designed to meet the needs of most exercisers who work out at home. Since the pandemic, working from home has become the new normal, which has brought on a change in fitness habits, with more people choosing to work out at home after taking into account factors such as reducing unnecessary social contact, alongside the cost saving from training expenses to not having to commute to the gym.

“Considering that 11-66 lbs is the weight range most used in home fitness scenarios, we have eliminated the less commonly used weights, to more accurately fit the fitness habits of the general public at home,” said Peter Lau, marketing director of Ativafit US. “The design retains the popular safe dial-tech weight adjusting mechanism and metal plate-holding inner discs, maintaining Ativafit’s commitment to safety, durability and space saving.”

Ativafit has also rolled out Ativa Academy, a home training program series for different fitness levels and goals.

“The program, when used in combination with our equipment, provides a more complete regimen for the at-home workout,” Lau added when commenting on the series. “We believe that, regardless of your current living standard and how fit you are, now is the right time to start working out. We want to empower you and help you navigate your fitness journey to reach your goals.”

Ativafit has three decades of experience designing and manufacturing home fitness equipment and is committed to optimizing the home fitness experience, with over one million sets of dumbbells sold worldwide. Currently, the brand provides products in three categories: strength training, cardio training and flexibility training. The new products can be purchased by visiting Ativafit’s official website or its Amazon store.

Brand Info:

Official website: www.ativafit.com
Official Amazon store: http://bit.ly/3iaNiA6
Instagram: @ativafit_official
Facebook: @Ativafit

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