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Astro Fibre latest WiFi KENCANG package offers 100 Mbps at RM129 per month; up to 800 Mbps is offered and the most affordable in the market

Malaysians can now enjoy WIFI KENCANG through Astro’s high-speed broadband, Astro Fibre. For as low as RM 129, customers can experience broadband speed of 100 MBps, a free WiFi 6 router and free Mesh.

Astro’s standalone fibre broadband, Astro Fibre, has officially announced its latest WiFi KENCANG package in Malaysia. Currently, WiFi KENCANG is offering four different speed tiers available: The 50 Mbps plan is priced at RM99 per month and 100 Mbps at RM129 per month with 1 free Mesh WiFi unit for 24 months for speeds 100Mbps and above, whereas 500 Mbps and 800 Mbps are priced at RM189 and RM249 per month respectively, the most affordable in the market.

Astro Fibre comes equipped with a built-in mesh agent as needed to deliver greater reliability and faster internet throughout one’s home. Malaysians will have the option to add on Mesh WiFi subscriptions from as low as RM10 per month. Not only that, all Astro Fibre plans will feature WiFi 6 certified routers to guarantee a robust residential gateway (RGW) performance as well as an improved user experience to meet the growing network needs of today’s customers.

Malaysians who would like to have 2X more speed or access to more than 85 channels and free Mesh WiFi, can add on RM1/day monthly to upgrade their plan to either the Astro Fibre 100 Mbps at RM129 or the Pek Jimat Kencang RM129.99 which includes, 50Mbps + Primary Pack.

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