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Alvin Chong now goes as ALVN for his first English single ‘need me now’

Alvin Chong has decided to go as ALVN as he recently announced the release for his first English single ‘need me now’.

‘need me now’ brings the remembrance of a past relationship and providing security to the other half involved that ALVN will always be there for them at the end of the day despite their history. From the lyricism, audiences will understand that though ALVN has moved on, he will always have a shoulder for the other half involved to cry on. “So if you need me now, call me up and i’ll be there”.

“When I heard the melody and lyrics, it evoked so much resonance to past situations experienced by my friends and myself in our younger days where we found ourselves in relationships that we persistently tried to revive despite them breaking down. We’ve all been there where we become hung up on that one person who will always have a soft spot in our lives, no matter the breakdown. The line “You need escape, so if you need me now, call me out and I’ll be there,” can be applied to all kinds of relationships where we just want the person we care for to know that we’re there for them regardless of the circumstance.” says ALVN.

For now, ALVN is planning to head locally and regionally in the music scene. He will be releasing his first ever official all English EP later this year.

“It’s a great time for me musically because I’m finally putting my goals of being an indie pop artist to work and with this being my first release ahead of my EP project, I’m just excited to share the moment with my fans and also be introduced to a completely new audience,” he said.

ALVN’s determination to separate himself from his industry name is proof that he is forging a new course for himself as a music artist.

Listen ALVN’s ‘need me now’ by clicking the link here.

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