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Alienware Aurora R16 arriving soon to Malaysia with a price tag of RM10,599

Alienware has recently launched the next evolution of its Aurora desktop, the redesigned Alienware Aurora R16. Set to deliver advancements that enrich the gaming experience, Aurora R16 brings acoustic and thermal improvements and a new space-saving design, all the while achieving the elite gaming performance gamers expect from Alienware.

Here’s a key highlight for Aurora R16 benefits:

  • Optimised airflow: on average 20% quieter system, up to 10% lower CPU and 6% lower GPU temperatures.
  • Space-saving: Up to a ~40% decrease in total volume than the R15, while internal volume remains unchanged at 25.2L. 
  • Versatile aesthetic: universal design that fits into more diverse environments.

According to Alienware, these benefits are achievable thanks to a streamlined design language, titled Legend 3, which arrives in desktop form for the first time on Aurora R16.

Driving towards a more minimal, more efficient design

With Aurora R16, the designers and engineers have chartered a plan to achieve two main objectives:

  1. Create airflow efficiencies that enable a quieter and cooler system while achieving the performance goals. 
  2. Continue exploring the Future Minimal ethos of Legend with a design that is streamlined, optimised, and customer first.

The first thing when you look at the Aurora R16, users will notice the oval lighting loop – also known as a Stadium loop – displayed on the left side of the chassis. This is the visual center; the main attraction of the desktop designed to capture attention. The Stadium loop traces the perimeter of the primary vent. This vent provides a larger air intake than the previous generation, allowing for more efficient airflow, while the Stadium loop lighting pays homage to the Alienware Legend heritage.

The new front-facing Stadium Loop provides a larger air intake than in the previous generation for efficient airflow, while incorporating a huge, visible, and easily customisable AlienFX lighting zone.

With the Stadium loop and the option of a clear side panel, Alienware made the side of the Aurora the new focal point. Said differently: the desktop is intended to be viewed from its side. This fresh perspective helped drive simplicity throughout the rest of the design, shrink the overall volume, and channel more airflow through the front intake. This improvement, complimented by larger side and top vents plus updates to the internal cable management, created the airflow efficiencies that enable a quieter and cooler desktop. 

Punching above its weight class

With the airflow efficiencies, the Aurora R16 is capable of meets or exceeds the performance of its predecessor with equivalent configurations while boasting a significantly smaller design. Along with that, there are variety of configuration options for a broader range of gamers.

Based on Alienware’s stringent quality and validation process, they will be rolling out new GPUs and CPUs over time. At launch, the organisation is focused on offering the most popular configurations then expanding from there. So, gamers that are excited about the design, acoustic and thermal improvements of Aurora R16, but seek the enthusiast level performance offered by flagship cards, they will be excited to learn that R16 is planned to become Alienware’s most powerful desktop before end of year. 

New Alienware Command Center 6.0 

Alienware Command Center 6.0 

The Aurora R16 is Alienware’s first desktop to feature the new Alienware Command Center – a centralised dashboard allowing gamers to quickly access settings such as game-specific profiles and themes, lighting, macros, audio and more – all things that are critical to the gaming experience. Gamers can choose from 16.7 million colours across three lighting zones, which they can extend and save across their Alienware ecosystem for a cohesive, personalised experience tailored to every individual’s preference.

Price and availability

For the Malaysia market, the Alienware Aurora R16 will be arriving soon and confirmed to be priced at RM10,599 with specs listed below.

  • Intel i7 Processor
  • 16GB RAM
  • 512GB SSD + 1TB HDD
  • NVIDIA RTX 4070
  • Windows 11 Home
  • 500W air cool Dark clear 
  • 2Yrs Premium Support

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