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Alibaba.com Strengthens Commitment to Growing Malaysia’s Halal Product Exports and Boosting Country’s SME Global Trade

L.K.Tee Enterprise Sdn. Bhd, the first Malaysian verified supplier thrives in expanding to global markets through Alibaba.com
From left to right:
YBrs. Mr Abu Bakar Yusof, Deputy CEO (Exporters Development), MATRADE; Ms Nianci Phang, Head of Marketing & Business Development, South East Asia, Alibaba.com; YBhg. Datuk Mohd Mustafa Abdul Aziz, CEO, MATRADE; Mr. Nicholas Tee, Head of Business Development, L.K. Tee Enterprise Sdn. Bhd., Alibaba.com Verified Supplier

Alibaba.com has renewed its commitment at the 19th Malaysian International Halal Showcase (MIHAS) to helping Malaysian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), especially those in the business of Halal products, get more involved in the international Halal market and tap into the growing B2B Halal e-commerce sector.

At the event, Alibaba.com also launched its first-ever Alibaba.com Halal Industry Report with the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE). This comprehensive report offers an analysis of global Halal product consumption patterns and trajectories in B2B e-commerce, which aims to facilitate more informed business decisions for suppliers.

In the report, Malaysia has been identified as a superior supplier market for Halal products given the country’s internationally recognised certification process by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM), its rich Islamic heritage and cultural understanding, as well as its commitment to research, innovation and advanced technologies. These factors uplift the quality and reputation of Malaysian Halal products, making them highly sought after by consumers worldwide. Despite this strong foundation, the report encourages Malaysian Halal product suppliers to embrace digital transformation as a reliable way to navigate supply and demand shocks while ensuring business certainty.

A year after its launch supported by MATRADE, Alibaba.com’s online Halal Pavilion has seen significant participation from numerous local SMEs in the food & beverage, agriculture, health and beauty sectors. The online showcase has attracted a substantial number of buyer inquiries for made-in-Malaysia Halal products, from markets such as the European Union, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

“Given the noticeable uptrend in global inquiries for Malaysian Halal products since the launch of our Halal Pavilion, it is evident that Malaysia is a key market and strong global player in this sector. With the overwhelming support from local Halal-certified companies onboarding our platform, we are confident Alibaba.com will play an instrumental role in meeting the global demand as well as boosting Malaysian SMEs’ participation in global trade,” said Nianci Phang, Head of Marketing and Business Development of Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore, Alibaba.com.

“In line with the recently launched Halal Industry Master Plan 2030 (HIMP 2030), Malaysia’s Halal industry is projected to expand to US$113.2 billion, with a gross domestic product (GDP) contribution of 8.1% by 2025. The remarkable 63.8% surge in Halal exports recorded last year highlights an infallible opportunity for Malaysian SMEs and industry players. This growing sector prompts them to utilise influential cross-border e-commerce platforms, such as Alibaba.com, to effectively promote Malaysia’s diverse range of products and services to the global audience,” said YBhg. Datuk Mohd Mustafa Abdul Aziz, CEO of MATRADE.

“Malaysia holds immense significance as a key partner in our e-commerce development roadmap. Over the years, the country has established a strong influence in the Halal market with its wide range of products and export-friendly environment. With support from our long-standing partner MATRADE, we are honoured to play a part in fostering a thriving export e-commerce landscape in the country. We remain committed to helping grow the online visibility of Malaysia’s Halal product sector, putting the country in the limelight for global buyers in search of premium Halal products,” said Roger Luo, Head of Southeast Asia, Alibaba.com.

An example of Malaysian Halal suppliers that have enjoyed increased exposure on Alibaba.com thanks to the Halal Pavilion is L.K.Tee Enterprise Sdn. Bhd., an FMCG supply chain provider specializing in baby care, beauty & personal care, healthcare, food & beverage, and household items. Since joining Alibaba.com in 2018, the company has grown its export sales from 8% to a significant 45% of its total sales.

“Our partnership with Alibaba.com has been transformative for our company and it has helped expand our customer base across multiple continents. In particular, the online Halal Pavilion has provided us with a dedicated platform to showcase our Halal-certified products to global audiences, attracting customers from diverse markets who are specifically looking for Halal products,” said Nicholas Tee, Head of Business Development at L.K.Tee Enterprise Sdn. Bhd.

As the only B2B marketplace in Malaysia offering an end-to-end digital trade experience, Alibaba.com provides Malaysian SME exporters with a comprehensive suite of services covering online store management, translation support, digital marketing, online transaction, customs clearance, foreign exchange and platform analytics.

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