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Alibaba Cloud partners with Genting Malaysia to offer Virtual Queue Solution for upcoming Genting SkyWorlds

Alibaba Cloud has announced a partnership today with Genting Malaysia Berhad at the Apsara Conference 2020 to deploy the Virtual Queue (VQ) Solution at Resorts World Genting’s upcoming outdoor theme park: Genting SkyWorlds. The newly developed system will integrate Alibaba Cloud’s advanced technology with a reservation system for individual rides to provide a seamless and engaging entertainment experience from start to finish.

Alibaba Cloud’s VQ Solution is a comprehensive system that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and integrates five algorithm modules – Dynamic VQ Slot Prediction, Dynamic Gamification Management, Itinerary Planning, Incentive Recommendation as well as Crowd Analysis and Prediction. These modules combine to enable more efficient crowd management and to reduce waiting time dynamically. The solution will also help gamify the Genting SkyWorlds experience by providing incentives to visitors.

“At Resorts World Genting, the enjoyment of our guests has always been our utmost priority. When Genting SkyWorlds opens next year, guests will be fully immersed in a world-class theme park boasting many rides, attractions, shows and experiences unlike anything seen before in this region. Through Resorts World Genting’s partnership with Alibaba Cloud, the VQ solution will reduce the need to wait in line and allow more opportunity for our guests to enjoy their time at SkyWorlds and beyond within the resort. We look forward to adopting this advanced VQ solution to provide a more efficient and rewarding experience, unique to Resorts World Genting,” said Greg Pearn, Vice President of Theme Park, Resorts World Genting.

Jordy Cao, General Manager of Malaysia, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, said, “We are delighted to support Resorts World Genting on their journey of digital transformation to revamp Genting SkyWorlds’ visitors’ experience with the powerful, stable and secure solutions and products from Alibaba Cloud. We hope this partnership will bloom positive results once the theme park opens and pave the way for future innovation. As the only global cloud provider operates local data centers in Malaysia, Alibaba Cloud will continue to work closely with partners and customers on their way of digital transformation.”

The VQ solution will allow visitors to plan their entire theme park experience from start to finish even before they reach the location. Visitors will be able to download the Genting SkyWorlds’ VQ Mobile App and purchase their tickets online at their convenience. Once the tickets are booked, the VQ Mobile App will allow visitors to plan their itinerary or provide them with an alternative optimised recommended itinerary to offer them a customised experience based on their preferences.

By continuously evaluating the supply and demand for each attraction, the Alibaba Cloud VQ Solution will allow visitors to see available VQ slots and the waiting period for each ride in real-time. It will also enable them to advance to the fast lane and skip queues. Visitors will also receive a recommended itinerary which offer suggestions on suitable attractions they can enjoy while waiting for their turn. Visitors who purchase their tickets offline can download this app upon their arrival or use the VQ kiosks within the theme park to enjoy a similar experience.

The new VQ Solution will also allow Genting SkyWorlds to generate incentives to help divert patrons away from overcrowded areas to non-ride attractions and facilities, such as eateries and retail malls. Incentives will also be provided to visitors who continue to use the VQ Mobile App to reserve VQ slots and follow the recommended itineraries.

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