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AI Rudder Unveils New User Interface and Advanced Features

Changes to UI provides users with integrated features and functionalities that enable them to scale quickly and more efficiently

SINGAPORE, Dec. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —  AI Rudder, a leading voice AI start-up based in Singapore, has released its new and improved user interface. The new user interface features upgraded dashboard capabilities for real-time project tracking and reporting, and enhanced security and user management.

The new user experience integrates all of AI Rudder’s voice AI applications from telemarketing, to loan collection and information verification, providing users a unified workspace to view and manage their active campaigns and past projects. Other new features include improved user guides and step-by-step tutorials to help customers plan, execute and optimise their AI-powered voice assistants. 

Tap on Voice AI to supercharge customer experiences

Updates and changes made to the new user interface improve the usability and deliver new insights to our customers. “For Voice AI technology to drive scale and growth, businesses must experiment, learn and deploy faster than ever. This is why we have integrated our applications and dashboard to help our customers easily tap Voice AI to supercharge their customer experiences,” said Kun Wu, Co-Founder and Managing Director, AI Rudder.

Founded in July 2019, AI Rudder uses voice AI technology to help businesses solve B2C communication challenges across a range of different industries, such as banking and finance, fintech, and ecommerce. Notable clients include fast-growing companies like Kredivo, Adira Finance and FinVolution.

About AI Rudder

AI Rudder merges technology with the power of voice communications to build a strong connection between companies and their customers. Using AI-driven automation to supercharge Customer Experiences, AI Rudder has helped more than 100 companies improve on the scale, speed and quality of their customer interactions. Headquartered in Singapore, AI Rudder also has offices and operations in Shanghai and Jakarta. 

For more information, visit www.airudder.com

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