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Add “Happiness” and “Let Me Be Your Knight” to your K-series watchlist on iQiyi this Nov

Still need more Korean series to binge watch in November? iQiyi has announced they are debuting two brand new Korean shows, Happiness and Let Me Be Your Knight, for November.

So let’s learn more details for both K-series that will be streaming on iQiyi:


For those who love a good mystery/thriller, Happiness is your cup of tea. It follows the lives of residents who live in an apartment in the city, where the higher floors are owned by the rich and the lower floors are for rental only. When the city is suddenly plagued with a new deadly virus, the apartment is sealed off in order to contain the spread. Filled with conflicts among residents of different class, follow this drama to see how they fight for survival as the fear, class discrimination and distrust spreads amongst them.

Directed by Ahn Gil-ho and staring Han Hyo-joo, Park Hyung-sik and Jo Woo-jin, the cast shared some insides to the show during a special press conference. Han, who plays a tactical unit officer who is trapped in the apartment building said that she had no difficulties at all in playing her role. 

Happiness is also Park’s first show after being discharged from the military earlier this year. In this show, he played a baseball player turned police officer and is glad that he is at his prime in terms of health and fitness. “I’ve been taking the effort to maintain my figure after being discharged and I’m glad I did because my role in this show requires me to have a good physique,” said Park.

Starting November 6th, fans can look out for new episodes which will be released on the iQiyi International app or iQ.com at noon (MYT) every Saturday and Sunday.

Let Me Be Your Knight

For something a little lighter, filled with comedy and love, Let Me Be Your Knight follows the story of five band members and a fake doctor played by Jung In-sun (Yoon-joo). Jung, who is a tour guide, was asked to become a live-in doctor at the dorm by Lee Jun-young, who is an A-list idol who suffers from dreamwalking. She ended up pretending to be a doctor at Luna’s dormitory and lived with the five band members. Watch to see how Jung gets out of her tricky situation as she experiences sweet and intense moments with each of them. 

Directed by Ahn Ji-sook, he was present at a special press conference with the main cast, which saw the cast unveiling some behind-the scenes. The cast included lead actress Jung, lead actor Lee, former Wanna One member Yoon Ji-sung, NU’EST member Kim Jong-hyun (JR), AB6IX member Kim Dong-hyun and Jang Dong-joo.

Starting November 7th, fans can look out for new episodes which will be released on the iQiyi International app or iQ.com at 22.05 (MYT) every Sunday.

So, remember to catch both K-series on iQiyi and let us know in the comments on your first impression for both series.

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