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ACO Tech launches, ATLAS, its next-gen automotive infotainment operating system in Malaysia

ACO Tech has just introduced their latest product, ATLAS (ACO Tech Local Automotive Services), an in-vehicle infotainment operating system. The device is aimed to strengthen its foothold to integrate the concept of humanised connected lifestyle into Malaysians’ automotive experiences. The company has confirmed ATLAS is wholly led and developed by the Malaysian team.

“The ATLAS is intelligent, proactive, and humanised. The eco-system is not only integral in transforming people’s relationship with their car, in-vehicle or remotely, we believe that it underpins the future of automotive user experience and paves the way for autonomous vehicle in Malaysia,” said Mr. Li Pu, CEO of ACO Tech Sdn Bhd. ACO Tech has invested over RM30 million for the research, development, and deployment of ATLAS. 

ATLAS is supported by a complimentary mobile application named ATLAS Auto with features that prioritise mobility, convenience, and control. Now let’s find out more about features of ATLAS provided by ACO Tech at below:

Entertainment ready with JOOX and SYOK

According to ACO Tech, ATLAS is integrated with JOOX and SYOK to deliver localised experiences to Malaysians. By having JOOX, Malaysian users will enjoy music streaming and with SYOK, users can enjoy the latest hits from all Astro Radio brands and podcasts that cover a wide range of topics in multiple languages. 

Voice Command with AI

The company also confirmed there is an AI-powered speech solution on the ATLAS that has the enhanced capabilities to recognize Malaysian English at varying tones and speed. There is an intelligent notification can even alert the drivers on the occurrences of extreme weather or when a tire puncture is detected*. The ATLAS voice assistant can be customsied based on the owner’s preference.

Propriety ATLAS MAP provides vital driver navigation

ACO Tech has dedicated to develop ATLAS Map – a native navigation system that supports real-time traffic information and safety-related features, including:-

  • The advanced system is not only able to determine potential traffic patterns to assist drivers to plan their journey, but also able to show weather forecasts and conditions at each point of the route and destination. 
  • The driver can still navigate in an area lack of internet connection and GPS as it is backed with offline map data. 
  • Send  current location or selected Points of Interest (POI) directly from your phone to your vehicle. 
  • The system will intelligently prompt you to refuel when it detects that your car is low on fuel. Upon agreeing, it will then navigate you to the nearest petrol station*. 

ATLAS Pay, a propriety payment system

The company also confirmed that ATLAS will feature a payment system called ATLAS Pay, an integrated automotive payment system powered by fintech partner Fass Payment Solutions (Fasspay). ATLAS Pay which is the 1st in-car payment in Malaysia; integrates in-car technologies with ATLAS so that drivers’ can pay for everyday needs without having to disembark from their cars.

The company also said that in the near future, ATLAS Pay will be the payment core that introduces its “mobility-as-a-service” vehicle app ecosystem. ATLAS Pay is available in the ATLAS Auto app and subsequently integrated with the vehicle’s infotainment system by the first half of 2022.

Control it right at your fingertips with ATLAS Auto

ATLAS is complimented with a mobile app – ATLAS Auto, connecting the driver to his car and the world whenever, wherever. The ATLAS Auto also offers value-added features such as ATLAS Mall, ATLAS Discover, and ATLAS Vehicle which enable endless collaborative possibilities from brand partners and communities:-

  • ATLAS Mall: A marketplace that allows users to make purchases and reservations conveniently while on the move.
  • ATLAS Discover: Capitalising on the power of community-generated content, ATLAS Discover is a space for the driving communities to be connected with automotive-related news and information. 
  • ATLAS Vehicle: Control your vehicle functions remotely and get immediate access to the status of your car. 

The ATLAS Auto is available to download from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Huawei AppGallery in Q4 2021. At the time of writing, there is no official confirmation on the pricing and availability for ATLAS at the time of writing.

What do you think of ATLAS by ACO Tech? Let us know in the comment! For further information about ATLAS and ACO Tech, please visit https://acotech.my/

*The availability of features may differ by vehicle specification or require the installation of certain features in order to be fitted. 

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