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A revolutionary keyboard from PKT Technologies

The people form PKT Technologies has unveiled an innovative QWERTY keyboard equipped with keys that dynamically change to match the activity of the user. The Picture Key Board (PKB 5000) leverages PKT Tech’s patented Picture Key Technology (PKT) to deliver an interface that combines the advantages of a touch screen with the benefits of tactile ‘haptic’ feedback.

Expect each of the keyboard’s 110 keys can be programmed to display any required image and enact a predetermined action. Meaning you can set certain keys to open certain program or act likes a shortcut key. Keys can be configured for different languages or linked to specific functions within software applications.

This allows the keyboard to be customised for specific workflows and changed as often as required. Keys can be configured for different languages or linked to specific functions within software applications. The PKB 5000 uses a single, standard computer screen beneath the array of physical keys. By using a special material called Bonded Fibre Optic Image Conduit (BFOIC), graphics on the screen are transferred into each key and displayed on its cap. The graphic on each can be changed through software to match user requirements.

PKT Tech’s CEO Philip Belcher said the company’s PKT technology was currently deployed around the world in mission-critical broadcast and movie audio production environments as well as commercial customer interface applications.

“The PKB 5000 now takes the advantages of PKT into the wider business environment,” he said. “Users can expect productivity improvements estimated at more than 20 per cent when compared with using conventional keyboards.”

Mr Belcher said PKT Tech is now seeking to accelerate the full commercialisation of its patented keyboard technology and the company is currently in discussion with a range of interested parties.

“A decision was required as to whether to proceed to manufacturing and marketing the keyboard or to seek an acquirer of the technology that can apply their considerable manufacturing and marketing capabilities to leverage the technology,” said Mr. Belcher. “It was decided the most effective and timely method to see the technology achieve its true global potential is to offer the technology for sale.”

“In the hands of an innovative major software or hardware vendor that will integrate the technology into their product suites, we believe PKT will revolutionise human interface devices that are used for critical applications.”

Mr Belcher said the marketing process for PKT will commence immediately and, given the revolutionary nature of the technology, it is expected an acquisition will be completed swiftly. It is anticipated the acquirer will continue to licence the technology to PKT Tech’s existing licensees following the acquisition.

To get more in depth how the keyboard in action, head over to www.picturekeytechnologies.com/PKB/demo

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