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7-Eleven Malaysia is exclusively offering Hy BTS Special Package Coffee 2021 Edition now

7-Eleven Malaysia has announced three new Hy BTS Special Package coffee limited edition variants is hitting up in their outlet in Malaysia.

The beverage is specially flown in from South Korea, each Hy BTS Special Package coffee variant comes in seven designs, uniquely adorned with faces of the seven superstar heartthrobs – V, RM, Suga, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, and J-hope.

If you want to get them then you have to get it exclusively in 7-Eleven stores throughout Peninsular Malaysia. It will come with luxurious packaging offers Malaysians and fans of BTS (aka ARMY) a flavoursome and aromatic brew.

The flavours are available in Cold Brew Americano (270ml), Hot Brew Vanilla Latte (270ml), or Hot Brew Macadamia Mocha Latte (270ml). 7-Eleven Malaysia has confirmed these 21 elegantly-designed bottles are priced at RM11.90 each.

If you want to get them in Malaysia, then you be sure hurry as they might be hot-selling like Butter.

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