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2022 Toyota Land Cruiser adopted Hitachi Astemo damping force adjustment absorber co-developed with Aisin Corp

Hitachi Astemo has recently announced that its damping force adjustment absorber co-developed with Aisin Corporation was adopted by Toyota Motor Corporation for the new Land Cruiser launched in June.

Co-developed with Aisin Corporation, the damping force adjustment absorber improves control for Toyota’s new Land Cruiser. While shock absorbers typically have a single mechanism to adjust damping force during extension and compression, our jointly developed suspension is able to adjust the damping force using separate mechanisms enabling more precise control of the damping forces resulting in a higher level of maneuverability and a more comfortable driving experience.

Furthermore, by incorporating the damping force control valve in the shock absorber, instead of on the outside where it is conventionally installed, the structure can be simplified. As a result, and compared to our conventional products, volume has been reduced by about 20% making it much easier to mount on the vehicle, and the weight has been reduced by about 30%.

Credited to Hitachi Astemo and JCN Newswire

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