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2022 Deals: TikTok Shop 11.11 campaign in Malaysia from 1-11 Nov 2022

TikTok Shop has announced they will be running a 11.11 campaign in Malaysia with discounts, free shipping vouchers and giveaways. As a platform to provide entertainment and shop at the same time, here are some of the must-haves that can be found on TikTok Shop this month. 

  1. For beauty enthusiasts and fashionistas

To add a little shimmer and shine to the season, Alha Alfa Cosmetics has introduced a range of foundations, such as the Royal Propolis Powder Foundation, as well as the Bright Boost Moisturizer Face Cream, whereas Kupe Beaute is the account to visit for items to shape one’s body and get brighter, healthier skin. 

The Maybelline Fit Me Tint is also a must-have, featuring inclusive shades that will give one a glow – perfect for any day of the week! Shoppers should not miss out on the chance to get their hands on the Knit Blouse from Panda Eyes, or a pair of sneakers from Grimo Store for themselves or their loved ones. 

  1. Party snacks for those with a sweet tooth

Aside from fashion and beauty items, shoppers can also visit stores such as Uciluna to get their snacks on the go, be it the Green Tea Strawberry Chocolates or the ever popular Ovochi Vegetable Snacks. 

  1. Household items for your daily needs 

 When the party is over and you need something quick and easy to use – DESSINI is the place to be. Selling a range of items for daily use such as their Tornado V4 PRO Cordless Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner – cleaning up after all the fun will be a breeze.

TikTok Shop’s 11.11 Mega Sales Campaign

To reward users for choosing TikTok Shop as their preferred shopping platform, all of the above mentioned products are part of TikTok Shop’s 11.11 Mega Deals Campaign, where shoppers can enjoy extra savings on these products, win special items and more.

The 11-day mega sale campaign, ‘Snatch the Deals’ is part of TikTok Shop’s efforts to support the growth of local Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and also offer the local community more savings and rewards as they engage with the latest ‘shoppertainment’ trend. Users are able to buy products directly from their favorite brands and creators in addition to enjoying their creative content. 

During the campaign, users can enjoy free shipping vouchers, coupon giveaways at 11am daily and exciting prizes such as Apple products, gold bars and items from participating brands during live stream sessions. New users can even claim discounts of up to 42% worth up to RM20. Users stand a chance to win up to RM1,111 cash prizes by joining the #TikTokShop1111MegaDeals hashtag challenge.  


11.11 Mega Deals is finally here! Ha kalau nak join, ikut steps ni okay! 😍😍 1. Search 1111 mega deals dekat search icon. 🔎 2. Click je hashtag tab. 3. Create creative video korang dengan gunakan TikTok Shop 11.11 Mega Deals Effect dengan co-hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt ✨ 4. Upload video korang kat TikTok acc sendiri. 🤞🏻 5. Most creative short video akan menang hadiah from TikTok Shop🙈 🚨Korang mesti guna hashtag🚨#TikTokShop1111MegaDeals #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt dan juga follow @tiktokshop_my untuk join hashtag challenge ni! Goodluck korang! ❤️❤️

♬ TikTok Shop 1111 Mega Deals – Iman Troye

TikTok Shop has also collaborated with local artist Iman Troye to perform the 11.11 Mega Deals jingle that also informs users on how to join! The video is now available on TikTok here

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