2021 Korean Speech Contest in Malaysia continues its momentum to help Malaysians on Korean proficiency

The 2021 Korean Speech Contest in Malaysia has recently ended on 27th November as the participants displayed their amazing Korean proficiency through live broadcast. The contest is organized by Education and sharing Foundation co-hosted by the Korean Language Education Institute, GCS International Malaysia Chapter and Dongseo University.

The organizers has confirmed that more than 280 people from nationwide has applied and and 60 participant selected after phone interviews for finals and were broadcast live on YouTube so that many people could watch the event.

This year’s contest allows any Korean learner living in Malaysia can participate even foreigner as the event was divided into youth category as young students under the age of 16 and general as Beginner, intermediate, advanced.

Dato’ Kwon Beangha, Chairman of the Overseas Korean Traders Associations said in a congratulatory speech, “Speaking Korean will be of great help to life and change life because Korean will be an international language along with history.”

Jarl Loh Yong Kiat, youngest participant for 2021 Korean Speech Contest

Participants who advanced to the finals showed their usual skills in Korean to refine their thoughts on “I learned Korean and changed myself” and “Malaysian culture that they wanted to brag about.” Miss Ooi Kiesha, who won the grand prize, said she fell in love with traditional Korean dance after watching Jindo drum dance in middle school and learned Korean, adding that being able to speak a language was a second soul. Meanwhile, the youngest contestant for KSC 2021 – Jarl Loh Yong Kiat, (9 years olds), has his worldview expanded after learning Korean that “I learned simple self-introduction and greetings through YouTube and met many friends when I visited Jeju Island and Seoul, and I became an honorary reporter for korea.net run by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in Korea. If I visit Korea again, I want to meet and hug my old friends.”

Top from left : Mr Lee Kyu Yong, Prof Jin Dae Yeon, Ms Ooi Pey Yee, Miss Lee Hak kyung, Dr. Bae Myung-sook, Mdm Park Se Hyun, Ms Kim Kyung Jin, Mr Lee Chun-ho, Miss Amelya Shamira

The judges were formed internationally. Mr Lee Kyu-yong, a member of the Democratic Peace and Unification Advisory Council, was the Head of the judge, followed by Dr. Bae Myung-sook, Institute Teacher Education International Language Campus(IPGKBA), Professor Jin Dae-yeon of the Department of Korean Studies in Sun Moon University, Miss Lee Hak-kyung from Imperial College London, Mdm Park Se Hyun, Vice President of Korean Language Education Institute, Mr Lee Chun-ho Head of Korean dept of Interactive Language Center, Ms Kim Kyung-jin form SK Planet-Commerce Growth Driving Team, Ms Ooi Pey Yee, President of S&U Korean Academy, Miss Amelya Shamira, Winner of 25th K-Speech World Contest in Korea.

Dr. Bae Myung-sook

Dr. Bae Myung-sook commented, “The biggest difficulty in learning Korean is communication and hope all of you have a good time sharing special experiences through today Korean speech contest. Hangul is the best scientific language in the world”. She also added that “Please study Hangul harder and continue your great love for Korean.”

“As a result of the Event, Miss Ooi Kiesha, who spoke under the theme of “What I’ve changed after learning Korean,” received the Grand Prize from the judges’s high score. The Youth Category Champion was given to Thifal Nuha, while the Beginner’s Champion was won by Miss Iryana Nabella, the Intermediate Champion was won by Miss Han Zi Yue and the Advanced Champion was won by Miss Dura Adibah. As a special award goven to 15 people including HIEW LONG CHEN won the GCS International Presidential Award.

Grand Prize winner Miss Ooi Kiesha said that “I didn’t expect to win the grand prize, but I’m so happy to receive a meaningful award”.
even held it non-face-to-face due to COVID-19, but Im thanked the organizers for hosting the competition as if everyone were together online.

Dr Seo Kyu Won

Dr Seo Kyu Won, Chairperson of the Korean Speech Contest said “We applaud the participants’ interest in Korea and their efforts to know more and we hope that the participants will grow and develop into leaders who will lead the future of Korea and Malaysia.”

Credited to the organizers and sponsors

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